10 Things Men Do That Push Women Away

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Are you pushing her away? Are you unconsciously doing things that may be hurting your relationship? Many guys make fundamental mistakes that can slowly cause damage to their relationships. If you’re pushing a woman away, you should know the signs.


Major Mistakes Men Make That Destroy Relationships

Dumb Mistakes Men Make with Women

Things Men Do That Push Strong Women Away

Chief Editor: Tristan Reed
Voice Over: Troy W. Hudson

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1.Unwanted aggression
2.harmful expectations
3.demanding reassurance
4.the back burner (if she wants to hang out with you and u can be there )
5.going overboard
6.casual dishonesty
7.insulting insecurities
8.passive listening
9.rushing the relationship
10.possesive behaviors

Author — Fares Sobh


I wished they made this for women too and not just men. Men get creeped out as well.

Author — Keny Salazar


I've initiated more breakups than times I've been broken up with. So there definitely needs to be a part 2 to this video from a different angle.

Author — Reality Rell


I will follow these guidelines before beginning of new relationship. Thank you Top Think for such a good and informative video.

Author — Sameer More


I'm a straight woman and have no idea how I ended up watching this, but anyway I can agree with everything that got said but the ''The Back Burner'' advice.
All in all, the message behind that hint is pretty accurate - you should pay your partner much attention and, I don't know, go out with her a lot to keep the relationship fun and social. But if your beloved wants you to make her your top priority, that's called toxic.

A smart woman that has a caring boyfriend knows that she doesn't have to compete for your attention or for being the number one priority person in your life. Because if she had to, you'd probably be someone who does not care at all for their girlfriend - many women mix that up with their boyfriend having balance and structure in social life though.
Your girlfriend should be just as important to you than your family and close friends. And if she's also supportive, she'll realize that you want to spend equal time with them and her. So she'll give you that free space.
Caring for your special someone and spending lots of time with them, doesn't mean that you spend little time with the other significant people in your life.

She might just love you and that's the reason why she wants to undertake so much with you, in general that's sweet and I can understand the feeling. But in the end, it can be deadly poison for the relationship.

Author — astucieux


This Channel is so inspiring
That even made me to start a New Channel regarding INTERESTING FACTS and TOP 10s 🥰

Author — Facts CEO


All men should watch this 😂
Especially my man (if there was a man for me 😂)

Author — Vela


I definitely think you need to be confident in yourself and be secure to be in a happy relationship. It can drive your partner crazy if you're not feeling confidence in your connection

Author — Charisma Clues


This video is a gift to humanity. xD Congratulations! <3

Author — Mu Jones


When men burst their own bubble, or toot their own horn. Women don't like guys who put themselves down, or act whiney, or have low self-esteems. They also don't like guys who are arrogant as hell, thinking they are the cat's meow of anything.

Author — my love songs


I’m surprised most of these types of videos are so dumb but top think provides a lot of really sound and solid advice. Very high quality channel

Author — Brandon B. Rich


I am so fortunate to be with a husband that has none of these awful traits. I was in a really shitty relationship for 10yrs & 2 kids later. Never thought I would ever marry again??? We’ve been together 19yrs now, he took my children as his own and showed me how to believe in trust & love again.
Don’t give up ladies!!!! There are still great ones out there!!!! But don’t forget...they need love and respect too🥰

Author — Cherri Aydelotte


Thank you!!! :) I hope someone will take the advice.

Author — Aida φ


Back burner is wrong. A woman might say she wants to be your top priority, but research has shown that a man's purpose/life goal needs to be his top priority. This has been found to be much more attractive.

Author — 7184610369a


Probably the best advice someone in or looking for a relationship could get

Author — Mathews 20


Good content top think! All facts 💯🙌🏾👏🏾

Author — Aaron Palms


I was watching this video intently with earphones in hoping to pick up some good tips when my date suddenly walked out.

Author — Grahame Campbell


Basically guy's just Relax stop doing to much and chill and always Respect yourself First and remember less is more with the Lady's.
thanks for having me share.💯

Author — ScoopBaby Motivation


Nice video, I'd like to see the same type of video but the other way around.

Author — Kaitrex ➓


Was watching this channels amazing videos and got new one😍😍

Author — Harry Sims Music