Nazaré - Big & Raw

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Nazaré - Big & Raw 4.5

Footage from 2014-02-02 in Praia do Norte, Nazaré - Portugal (Short Version)

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Just a little video footage I gathered between my photo captures, unfortunately I had to choose between photos or video during the rides of Andrew Cotton and Garrett McNamara, and I went photos... Initially I was frustrated, but after all it was not quite a bad idea since one of my shots just got nominated for the Billabong XXL 2014 awards ;)

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Oh my gosh I can’t see that anymore I’m so scared if I just like go there I’d be very scared if I definitely died or something

Author — Siham Almohammad


The waves are that big and impressive they look photo shopped but ain't. How the rocky headland stays put is amazing with tons of water per square inch hitting them.

Author — Allen Johnson


Acho que as entidades governamentais da Nazaré, deveriam obrigar a todos que entrassem nesses "Everestes" a redigir o testamento.

Author — Playzada Eman


People get so close to it...don't they know it carries amazing energy?

Author — Sea Yellow


"Io non riesco a guardare a lungo il mare, se no tutto quello che succede a terra non mi interessa più."
"I can't look at the sea for long or I lose interest in what's happening on land"
M. Antonioni

Author — Renata Uliano


When they started eating the black bean noodles lol so cuuute my heart melted

Author — Xe máy Thanh bình


"C" é louco. So de assistir esse vídeo já passei mal, como esse pessoal consegue ficar tão próximo dessas ondas? tô aqui digitando e tremendo depois de assistir isso.

Author — Maiara Mapa


Badass music!!! Love how it perfectly frames what's going on out there. I think this would definitely scare my 10 year old 😬

Author — Antman3251


A impressão que me dá é que o mar vai engolir todos os que estão assistindo as super ondas! 😱😰

Author — Dayse Farias


parabéns, pedro: vídeo curto mas muito intenso!...

Author — antonio jose Louzeiro


I feel the real n sudden effect of high tide Whn I am in beach but.. I ran but I lost my clothes...

Author — GOLDEN MOOON Touchmenot


I think the name of this tune is, "Big Ship Horn" Love it!

Author — the10thleper


Just the name "nazare" is spooky as it comes

Author — Allan Michael


This is really great stuff that shows how big and raw Nazaré can be.
this video is really well done, with the sound of the waves combined with the music.
I'm a fan of your work Pedro.

Author — atmosphere Adr


Surfing among the Canary Islands for years. Nazaré... no way!!🇳🇱🙋‍♂️

Author — Robin Watzmann


سبحان الله ..قل معي لاإله إلا الله ..سيدنا محمد رسول الله

Author — Hashim sudan


Esta es la cente mas confiada disfrutando de los espectáculos de la naturaleza no bata hacer que se les mande esa ola por donde andan tan campantes

Author — oswaldo lasso


que costeira boa pra pescar de linhada.

Author — Arlei Dos Santos


Belle vidéo image/son; mettant en scène la toute "puissante" estampe de l'artiste japonais Hokusai 1830 "La Grande Vague de Kanagawa" @ il en faut de l'observation.

Author — Badr El Omari