2: Maximising your Mac Productivity: Alfred 🎩️

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This is part 2 of the series for maximising your Mac Productivity.

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0:00 - Who is alfred 🎩️
4:10 - Setup ⚙️
5:10 - File navigation
8:30 - Bookmarks 🔖️
9:10 - Clipboard 📋️
11:00 - Snippets
14:30 - Contacts, iTunes, 1password
16:20 - System controls
17:55 - Best workflows
26:00 - More workflows

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Author — Jonny & Yusef - Propanefitness


Great video! I learned so much. Are you still planning on releasing part 3 of this series? I am excited to dig into productivity apps and browser extensions.

Author — Jackson Lee


Great video for getting started with A4. I'll be watching and re-watching. Thanks for making this.

Author — Brandon Brooks


OMG thank you for the video!! Alfred is so powerful

Author — Kim Thang


Keep up the good work and thanks for having shared all these informations!

Before watching your videos, fortunately, i already use Alfred, Bettertouchtool (with bettersnaptool before they were merged), Evernote and some others productivity tools like Hazel, Forklift but it was very useful see how others use the same tools and also i learned many new things like vimium, shortcat, awesome, thanks again.

Can't wait to see the next video, i'm also curious how - and if - you handled the tags system in Evernote and how is matched with the notebooks list.

As some bonus workflow for Alfred that i would add for a "non-developer" user (they're not must have, mostly nice to have):
- Airdrop by Paul Heyer
- Audio Switch by Ricardo Sampayo
- Convert by Dean Jackson
- Evernote by Carlos Alberto Sztoltz
- Shorten url by hzlzh

Author — Nicola Efflandrin


Great episodes on Mac productivity. Alfred's amazing. A few suggestions: (1)a standalone snippet expander like Textexpander or Typinator. More powerful (I think) than what's built into Alfred, (2) a shelf like Yoink or Dropover, (3)Keyboard Maestro. Overlaps with BTT, but also very powerful.

Author — Charles Bouldin


Well done, thanks for the tips and ideas!:)

Author — AStraveler


Great summary -- really helpful! I'd heard alot about Alfred, but this was the best video I've found that actually runs through the setup process in depth. Cheers!

Author — Yazin S


Hey, great video. Lot's learnt so thanks. Question - where is the 'part 1' of the series. I'm keen to see your setup of the BetterToushTool.

Author — Tatum Bisley


Excellent ! It took me close to 3 days to view it (and test a few things of yours). Thank you.

Author — Nicolas Loeillot


Thanks a lot! I just got a mac and your videos are really helpful.
Can’t wait for the next ones 😁

Author — Miguel Ramos


Thank you! This Sunday changed my digital life. I was circeling around Alfred for years now. After watching your video I will start new.

Author — Maik Meid


great video! first time i get why alfred is really powerful. thx for uploading!

Author — justdo yourthing14


Thanks, this video was very useful. great job!

Author — Tshili


Sir, eagerly waiting for your next productivity video.

Author — Nikhil Deshpande


I really liked this video and the first part too. Will part 3 come any time soon?

Author — VictorYami


Great channel! Came here to learn about Alfred and the productivity stuff. thank you

Author — dmk5n1


OMG man you just saved my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH I just got it because Anki Love it. REALY helpful.

Author — Alex Wilson


Just came across your video, Alfred is life for sure -- got introduced to this recently, how did you get your google drive to work?

Author — Redmon Borinez


Oh my gosh... is it wrong that I got excited by those workflows?

Author — Dejan Gajsek