Knack 2: Knack 2 Knack | Ep. #2 | Super Beard Bowl

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You asked for round 2.

In Knack II, the player controls the eponymous character Knack. Knack's abilities include punching, kicking, changing size, and deflecting projectiles using a shield. The game features a skill tree system where players can upgrade Knack's abilities by collecting Relic Energy found in levels. There are treasure chests throughout the game that dispense a Relic or a Crystal Part to further upgrade Knack. The game can also be played cooperatively. Knack II introduces offline multiplayer, allowing an extra player to join and leave the main story at their leisure. This accessibility of Knack II allows people of varying ages to play and has been praised due to the couch cooperative play dynamic. Knack II also utilizes Quick-Time Events during cutscenes. There are puzzles that require the player to manipulate the world and Knack's abilities to progress. Knack II also introduces the teleporter, allowing players to teleport between pads within their respective levels. As the player progresses in the game, Knack acquires special abilities for Knack that also alter his appearance. These in-story abilities are Iron, Ice, and Stealth. The other special abilities that Knack can use are unlocked through the use of upgrading Knack with Knack parts, Relics, and Crystal Parts

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About Beard Bros.:
We're Jirard Khalil, Alex Faciane, and Brett Bayonne: The perfect blend of gaming mastery, trivia, and hype. We provide colorful commentary and laughs over some of your favorite video games. Past favorites have included: Kaizo Mario, Dark Souls III, LA Noire and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen!


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If you wanna knack more knack, knack on over to and knack your checkbooks to knack and vote for knack in the knack tier.

Author — Super Beard Bros


"We don't know why people want this."Preceding 24 minutes of just pure fun and laughing.

Author — Vrikrar


Jirard: Why would you all want to watch this?
Everyone watching the video: This is why ;)

Author — Hunter Ives Films


“See you guys Knacks time!” Missed that opportunity guys

Author — Kelko Zamba


Beard Bros "Can't believe people want more Knack"
Me "Can't believe anyone doesn't want more Knackady Knack! What is those knacking people's problem!?"

Author — Roach


Petition to make december knack appreciation month on the beard bros

Author — AllDayUmDay


Well, I guess the Knack truly IS back!

Author — Jimmy The Gamer Nerd


It’s your guys’ own fault for making the first game so much fun to watch😂

Author — Strongmount 1916


"hole in the wall" there's nothing here.

You jumped across a gap in a broken bridge. THEN destroyed some dirt. Yet you thought there was nothing there?

Author — Bandorr


Knack: Does a hardcore platforming session to get somewhere.
2 underpowered humans waiting for him: 'sup

Author — PaulBear


You guys are missing so many secrets due to your rushing. XD Try to keep an eye out, you guys.^_^

Author — Joshua N/A


you might've just as well made this a regular series, no getting out of it now. This is getting voted in until it's over, mark my words.

Author — Papernick


Knack so good it keeps you comin' back

Author — FFEDCO Gabbiani


more Knack 2! It's just not funny without these guys

Author — animeartist888


*Jumps across broken bridge, breaks rock clumps, revealing a perfectly square shaped hole in the wall*

"There's Nothing Here..."

Me: Well, I can't argue with that.

Author — CrazyMike Gameplay


Screw the beard bowl just make this a whole Beard Bros series

Author — Crystal Short


I am so happy we're getting more Knack 2. I demand even more Knack 2

Author — fsmetal


This series has classic Alex and Jirard Beard Bros energy and I love it

Author — 62bitHero


I love how much fun you guys are having on this weird Knacktastic journey. It just makes for a great series trying to understand why this exists and trying to make it through this together. Hope this keeps getting voted for. Nioh on the Brett side of things is cool too.

Author — ShigKirby


i cant wait to watch you boys knack off for us again

Author — Dubba Jay