Donald Trump Wows At First Solo Stress Conference

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Donald Trump Wows At First Solo Stress Conference 4.5

A nuclear holocaust, an attack on Mosul and anti-semitism... and those were just the President's opening remarks.

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when will America fires President Trump? have anyone asked him to resign by now?

Author — Ringo Brat


"No, you inherited a fortune. We elected a mess."


Author — RLK III


I could never understand how can anybody voted for that incredibly stupid guy.

Author — Jose Robles


Colbert is outsmarting Trump at every turn! Genius!

Author — Michael McGarry


trump is behaving much worse then I could ever imagine.
what a clown

Author — The Captain


Anyone else get the feeling that Orange-head tiny-hands has no idea where Mosul actually is?

Author — MrRictusGrin


"I was given this information." -- Donald Trump

1. I don't know anything.
2. I don't take responsibility for my own words and actions.
3. I will blame things on other people whenever I can.
4. I did not show any awareness that I was saying something untrue. And...
5. I don't really care whether it's true or not.

Author — UTU49


Trump is an absolute joke and a good source of entertainment! I'm surprised he can't hear Australia and New Zealand laughing their arses off at him! Our Prime Ministers certainly are. Hahaha

Author — Tracey Green


This is why he personally hasn't held press conferences for years. Bigly ignorant for all to see!

Author — Jada


So Steven?. You proud of yourself? Well, you and your team should be, because that was top shelf stuff.

Author — lotanerve


I just love how, since trump is president, Stephen Colbert is just obviously throwing so much shade at him😂😂. Before he at least tried to be a little nice. Best host ever😂😂😂

Author — libalbi


I timed it. It was 5 seconds. He went from "I watch CNN" to "I don't watch it anymore" in 5 seconds. Unbelievable.

Author — Pimpsta Poe


Yesterday's press conference, more than ever, has proven to me Trump is crazy. I don't mean crazy in the medical term but crazy in a way he doesn't give a dime about the consequences of his deeds/words and he has no concern about the country's well-being. He is indeed crazy, crazy, crazy. Thus, dangerous!

Author — eternal712004


Stephen Colbert is the WatchDog for America on Trump!, , always speaking the Truth about Trump's Lies!, , He is more of a Watchdog then he is a Comedian against Trump!, , , Good Work, Colbert!, , Notice that Trump never questions Colbert because Trump wouldn't know how to Lie to Colbert and get away with it!---

Author — Darrell May


Trump is dragging us all to Crazytown where he lives

Author — TokyoBlue


Mr. Colbert, you make our country proud -even if the orange potus does not. Thanking you for keeping our hopes alive during a time of great darkness.

Author — Lana Shuster


Stormy Daniels said his thing was like a mushroom

Author — Peggy Trawick


Damn shame that this country has allowed this tragedy and TRAITOROUS administration to do this to our beloved COUNTRY!

Author — Explore Greer


America ... what have you done ? This man is sick .... both physically and mentally

Author — rabeya basri


Trump has been good one thing, he is providing the comedians a lot of great material for jokes!

Author — Avraham Ben-Shimon