Dragon Age: Origins - Let Anora Execute Alistair

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Dragon Age Origins: Siding with Anora and Loghain over Alistair

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Seeing this makes me root for the Archdemon.

Author — Patrik Svensson


xLetalis, the man we turn to when we want to see evil despicable acts done in a video game but are too soft to actually do it ourselves.

Author — Marko Krstic


What's really bizarre is that none of your companions even acknowledge Alistair's execution if you do this.

Author — Blokewood3


"joining the wardens is an honor not a punishment"

more like a way out for my blighted boy Mahariel who almost died for a mirror

Author — PlagueDoctor


"Did just someone replace my fellow Grey warden with a pit viper?"

I can't...

Author — justin christy


Jeez, poor Alistair... It's almost physically painful for me to watch this. I tried to make Loghain help me fight the archdemon at first too but when Alistair literally gave me his ultimatum, ,him or me" the choice was basically already made for me :DI love Dragon Age, the way they make you care about these characters is simply amazing!

Author — Ninja


Jesus I couldn't do it, never. Dragon Age can be true definition of beeing evil in games

Author — Suharos


No matter how many times i play (and restart) Dragon Age Origins, i will never do this. Anora is a doublecrossing bitch who betrayed me twice while Alistair always got my back in literally every situation.

Author — Fosa Imaginator


This isn't being pragmatic, or taking revenge, or simply being mean.
This is just cruelty for the sake of being cruel. This kind of betrayal is repulsive.
I have let Loghain live sometimes, but never let Anora execute Alistair.

Author — Juan Laise


That's just to cruel. I usually like playing evil characters but after fighting side by side with alistair for 50 hours of gameplay or so when this choice comes i could never fuck him over like that.

Author — Mr.Soris


This betrayal is on par with sabotaging the genophage cure and shooting Mordin in the back in Mass Effect 3 :(

Author — Ass Man


As evil and disloyal as the occasion may be, it is a wonder that there is a game that has balls that offer the possibility of protagonists being able to drastically change the plot and / or have access to radical choices. This is rare. Thank you, Bioware.

Author — Bismarck


The hilarious thing is I actually did this for my main playthrough, and the game never makes you feel bad for it no companions comment on it. Arl eamon doesn't care, and the epilogue tells you how good a queen anora is.

Author — Jose


This choice is just insane, only a psyco could take this path

Author — Xorrin


As horrible as this is to watch, I can’t help but laugh at Alistair’s cocked eyebrow at 0.33! Thanks for uploading this. I know I’m never gonna do anything this heinous to my favourite Grey Warden, so I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see it otherwise.

Author — Emma Jane


I have never once let Loghain live. I understand the punishment being an almost guaranteed death by suicide mission/potentially dying in the Joining, but I'm with Alistair 100%

Author — Ser Loin Steak


*Anora becoming queen* Alister must die!!! - *Alister becoming King* Anora must be locked up, if i die, she can have the throne... >.> I literelly feel pain watching this...

Author — Frederik A. H.


Anyone who thinks this the right choice is insane! I love that they let us do it though. Truly a hallmark of an amazing RPG

Author — Rey Palpatine


While I have no issue sparing loghain, I could never do this to Alistair. He deserves better. That’s why in most of my playthroughs Alistair is hardened and king, while loghain spends the rest of his life atoning as a warden.

Author — Brex from the Cretaceous


I can't stress enough how much this video hurts...

Author — Tano