NATO Summit: Queen Elizabeth Hosts US President Trump, First Lady Melania

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NATO Summit: Queen Elizabeth Hosts US President Trump, First Lady Melania 4

Britain's Queen Elizabeth hosted the NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace in London, Tuesday, December 3, including U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania.
READ MORE: U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump attended a reception late Tuesday at Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth on the sidelines of the NATO summit, where leaders are marking 70 years of the alliance.

This is the third time the Trumps have met the monarch. They met at a Buckingham Palace banquet during a state visit in June, and during a tea at Windsor Castle in July of 2018.

Prior to Tuesday’s palace reception, the president and the first lady briefly met with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at their official residence at Clarence House.

As in his previous visits to Britain, anti-Trump protests broke out. Protesters marched from London’s Trafalgar Square towards the palace as the evening reception took place.

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Can’t wait for this episode of The Crown.

Author — Jose Rodriguez Rivera


"Where's Andrew? I love hearing his stories about the Falklands."
""He's been a bit of a bad boy and we've locked him in tower to be castrated"

Author — Seventh Anubis


We're almost in 2020 and the camera clicks still sound like from WW2.

Author — dogVlog


he scratched his nose with his middle finger.

Author — Have a nice Dave


@:15 seconds into the video Charles is a man of integrity forever

Author — SMK


She thought it was Boris; upon rebuttal she declared; Who?

Author — Justin Moore


Nice to see Good Queen Bess II smiling. I'd give anything to meet her and lavish some words of love and affection before she or myself passes away. When I hear all the accusations against her, having no substance, just blindly condemning her when they know nothing; fools are always eager to condemn everyone except themselves. So long as they come out on top, ha? while in utter ignorance of the admonition of Christ concerning "the speck" vs. "the beam."

Author — Gary McAleer


Epstine update, that's what the meeting was about..

Author — Sho Ent


Here for the " keyboard warrior" award show! Wink wink nudge nudge, say no more...

Author — Sheep Herder


God save the Queen has taken on new meaning 😁

Author — Gordon Adams


Russian trolls are starting their 3:30PM PST shift, LOL..They'll show up early, apparently they're not aware we had that 1hr change. LOL...Too easy to spot, central asians. LOL..

Author — M T


"Have you met my son, Andrew? He likes young women too!"

Author — ChasingDogma


are they (the queen, merkel and co) really bitching about men? "oh yes, they come and go"

Author — Brian Lardass


Everyone is dressed conservatively and Melania prances in dressed like a 6 foot banana. WTF?

Author — Charlene Lord


I love the queen didn’t shake melanias trampy hand😂

Author — I Luv To Grub


... prince tampon & the witch-in-red ....

Author — John Joyce


Where is the democracy in UK??? Monarcy queen ??

Author — Engineer Mechanical


There is a lot of vile statements being made here people are showing their IQ

Author — Janice DeLisle


The smile Queen talking with President of Romania😁😊😍🤗

Author — Nadia - Maria


The Queen is a BOSS 👑
Look like she was telling the tRump to keep it moving 😂🤣😂🤣 :12 thru :33

Author — Private Private