Freedom Fan Mail EP.1 - LEGO Leroy Engine, NOS Baby, Holley Toys

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Freedom Fan Mail EP.1 - LEGO Leroy Engine, NOS Baby, Holley Toys 5

Please do not use any screen shots from this video for advertisements. Fan mail is strictly for fun, we are not obligated to open anything we may find not suitable for our videos. This is a LONG video, please do not be offended if we skipped your note to keep the action of the video moving quickly!

Fan mail address:
Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St. N., Suite B.
Clearwater, FL 33762

💬 Comments on the video

Everyone check out @REPLICAMOTORSPORT on IG to see where Leroy's LEGO engine came from. Easily one of the coolest pieces of fan mail we've ever gotten!

Author — Cleetus2 McFarland


Cleetus, Thank you so much for making Xzanders day... he watched the fan mail video and absolutely loved hearing you read the note and opening his card. See you at LSFEST East BG 2019!

Author — Roger Nelson


Super happy that Holley enjoyed her chain. Brembo watched the entire video with me while wearing his matching chain 🤣

Author — ALittleMoore


Cleetus when will Leroy be on the next forza horizon DLC? 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸

Author — Alan Brattland


Cleetus: *pets holley* “ur so soft”

Author — Cameron Baker


I would kill to see cleetus on the hot ones channel!! Please make that happen! How can we make this happen?

Author — Joshua Young


Hey babe want to watch a movie?
Wife grabs some snacks.
did you buy a movie on YouTube?
Just come
It starts.
Wife.... what the heck?
I show her the time.
okay let’s do this.


Author — Drew2sticks Nelson-Younger


Cleetus and Cars for our honeymoon!

So, I know you get like 192727 messages a day but I hope that you see this one.

I am surprising my husband with Cleetus and Cars tickets for our honeymoon. He thinks we are going to Texas because I have family there. I bought my VIP tickets today.

I have no idea what we could do, but I want to do something special for him while we are there. If you and the boys have any ideas let me know. But I want this so be freaking awesome for him. He deserves it.

Hell yeah brother.

The wife who gave up Mexico 😂😂😂

Author — Karyssa Keifman


Do NOT open the Surströmming can indoors you will nerver get the smell out of the

Author — David Andgart


How old is this unboxing? That decibel meter has been by the dyno since April.

Author — Jason James


I sent those dodge stuff back in November of last year🤣🤣 I thought they got lost or you guys just decided not to show it lmaoo

Author — A dude and his friends


*Thumbs up if you watched til the end.*

Author — 1 Proud American


You boys help me get over my breakup, along with adam Lz 😂 keep raising the spirits boys, we all need your positivity 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Author — Mason Sward


James: I think it’s some fire mixtapes
Cleetus: ooo be careful this table is wood😂

Author — Tyler Blount


I think all the hot sauce bottles are telling you to do an interview for the “The Hot Ones” YouTube channel

Author — Mike Meyer


@34:15 holding a can of wet dog food Cleetus say "shes gonna be sprayin" LMAFO I can not stop laughing!

Author — Kyser Sosè


With the Al-Camino jet/LS car on the way that F-15 mechanic might come in handy...?

Author — Colton Maas


I will gladly let all of your videos on auto repeat. Never worry about your length of the video brother. Well worth watching. Wish most were longer

Author — dusty


I figured this was gonna be about a 15 minute video, but an hour and 25 minute video of cleetus is A okay with me.

Author — 703fishing


could have watched a movie. watched this instead. im not getting laid tonight. :(

Author — Andrew James