What is the state of the global economy in the age of populism? | Counting the Cost

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What is the state of the global economy in the age of populism? | Counting the Cost 4.5
In the world of geopolitics and geo-economics, the year 2019 has been eventful so far. Central bank governors across the world have been threatened, have resigned, or were fired by populist leaders.

At the same time, the global economy is slowing, due to the ongoing trade war between the United States and China while the International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut its global growth outlook, saying that missteps on trade and Brexit could hurt the recovery.

The world economy will expand by 3.2 percent this year, according to the IMF - the weakest levels since 2009. But the IMF's growth predictions are far more optimistic than those of some independent analysts.

Meanwhile, sanctions and the threat of even more of them have ramped up tensions in the Middle East. Plus, the ongoing Brexit saga and numerous elections could change both the political and economic landscape, not necessarily for the better.

What is the state of the global economy in the age of populist governments, protectionism and trade wars? With monetary policy becoming increasingly political, is the independence of central banks under threat?

We are checking the pulse of the global economy.


Jimena Blanco - head of Latin America research at Verisk Maplecroft

Tim Harcourt - author and JW Nevile fellow in economics at the University of New South Wales

Akber Khan - senior director of asset management at Al Rayan Investment

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Age of populism? Where did that come from?




Author — Nawaz Mirza


It looks like the end of uncle sam era 😁

Author — shaheen Shaheen


World economy!! Love and Hate will be the deciding factors as to which national economy will be "well treated" with respect and "demonic" country and its currency will be "demoralized".

Author — hoonsiew yeo


China has been printing a ton of money for years. Chinese banks are carrying so many bad loans. Many S.O.E.s are basically zombies.

Author — SilvanaDil


The Fed definitely didn't print 12 trillion USD because there's only 4 trillion in circulation.

Author — Johnny Schmegma


What are you talking about America has always had populism. Something our forefathers did was to build on America not on foreign soil. They said States don't get entangled in foreign policy and it's a good policy.

Author — Pitbull


None of them have a clue about economy.

Author — Facu Castan


arabs speak about populism, what an irony

Author — AKDGsonic


How dumb is this lot?

Banks are not printing anymore than the sum of principal we purport to borrow in private debt, which is perpetually laundered back as an irreversible escalation of government debt due to the volumetric impropriety of interest (circulatory deflation) we pay in artificial price inflation just spending money.

This might give you all the illusion banks are printing excess sums of money, but in truth it's not the case at all -- when we are all paying "principal + interest" out of a monetary circulation comprised of only some remaining "principal" at most.

You lunatics in the media can keep throwing flawed GDP figures around, but the fact remains the GDP formula is adding what it should be rightly subtracting. In other words GDP adds the sum of deflation instead of subtracting it & then is some insane contradictory paradox all these pretend experts in economics are assuming this non-existent inflation is an indicator of growth without ever defining just how much real inflation precipitates growth.

Author — David Ardron