No Neutral Ground (2008)

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No Neutral Ground (2008) 4.5

No Neutral Ground was a short film I directed in 2008 as a student at Chapman University. The film focuses on two American snipers in Afghanistan.

Shot on Arri SR 3, Super 16mm film camera.

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To everyone saying “this isn’t a normal reaction to a sniper”:

When your boy gets dropped by a shot from a half mile away that you couldn’t even hear, maybe you run, or maybe you take one last drag of that cigarette while you wait for the next one to send you home alongside him. Another man has crawled into a nest you’ll never see, is deciding your fate. War is hell. A lot of men don’t care if they die. A soldier makes these decisions. Thank you for the expert armchair comment section

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Автор — يوميات مصري في تايلاندا Ahmed ElSherbini


First Casualty of War... is Dignity.
-former recondo sgt. ''rock'' 82nd abn. 1718

Автор — Sold to be Diers


" They are another name of DEATH "

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Hi everyone,

I really appreciate all the feedback and hope this short film has been enjoyable. Please understand that any inaccuracy or lack of realism (and I'm sure it's full of those) is not meant to be disrespectful to anyone. With my experiences now in the world and the film industry I notice many imperfections looking back, or small things here and there I could have done differently. But I'm still very proud of what my collaborators and I were able to achieve back when we were students. Some of us had a habit of embarking on ambitious projects we weren't always prepared for, and we learned a lot that way. It was my first time shooting on 16mm film which was a terrific experience. I'm thankful I got a chance to do so before shooting digital became a more common standard for learning filmmakers. Most rewarding was the relationships I forged and strengthened on this one project. Many of the crew from this film are now working on major motion pictures in the industry and we still keep in touch, hang out, and work together. Once again, I sincerely appreciate everyone who took the time to watch this short film as it is still my long term passion to direct movies.


Автор — Nick Erickson


“What do you think that guy did?” Just moments after you see someone beaten and shot right at the doorstep of his tent....

Автор — Ricky Ryan Ray


yeah, sometimes you are the Dragon, n. e. d.

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Como diz o presidente do brasil, bandido bom é bandido morto....

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"If you don't let them die, they not gonna let you live" - Anonymous

Автор — Cristi Bubui


Muivuena miré quiero ver esnaiper DEL 5 al 6

Автор — luis alberto fernandez


Nesses casos não pode ter misericórdia porque é você ou seu inimigo

Автор — Roberto Troillio


Speaking on the production standards, it is absolutely excellent. It is also FAR better than a LOT of MEGA budget mainstream films of today.
Just goest to show that the grammatical rules of film making i.e. story, filming, lighting, directing, acting and editing are still as valid now as they were a hundred years ago.
The human being hasn't changed at all; at least nowhere near to the extent that modernity would like to have us believe.
This looks like a GREAT film, and I even thought that it WAS big budget.
Very well done.

Автор — Sionnach1601


this was awesome amazing and intense shows how one decision can have a big outcome

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Walking tall machine gun man my buddy s breathing his dieing breath o Lord would you please just help me see it through and god can always dam it

Автор — Barry Elkins


Who saw thumbnail just like all ghillied up ??😁😁

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You do realize that after a sniper drops his target, that man's comrades usually respond with a shitload of return fire, maybe some mortars, then a really pissed off and jacked up fire team is sent to hunt down the snipers.Simply returning to their tent while smoking a cigarette is not a normal reaction.

Автор — EskrimaTiger


Great little short film. The ethics of war is what I get out of this. I'm a veteran and I enjoyed it.
These are the type of situations that PTSD is caused from.

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زي الاطرش ف الزفة 😂😂😂
اشترك في قناتي من.فضلك... قناص بغداد مر من هنا

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He told him to stop but he was already stopped, and he wasn’t even looking when he told him to get down and he got down

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Amazing but why American don't war in Afghanistan against

Автор — rana salman