Dershowitz: Rosenstein more subject to recusal than Whitaker

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Dershowitz: Rosenstein more subject to recusal than Whitaker 5
18 state attorneys general call on Matt Whitaker to recuse himself from Russia probe. Harvard Law professor provides insight into the argument.

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The democrats are scared that AG Whitacker will demand the release of the Fisa documents which will prove their involvement in sedition & treason

Author — Fe26 \0


It's just more obstruction! Let the president do his job!

Author — Dark Circles


The left want to do whatever they wish for their advantage. They are so corrupted.

Author — Colton Walker


Rod Rosenstein is a danger to the country.

Author — Anthony Lloyd


Since the liberals hate Whitaker, he must be honest.

Author — Robert Tombs


Trump wants declassify everything. Obama never wanted to declassify anything. Not too tough to figure this stuff out.

Author — Thunder


So the 18 State AGs are showing their love of the deep state and corruption.

Author — Wendy Sloan


It's hard to argue with AD's points. He gave logical explanations on both sides.

Author — Daniel Day


TRUMP should fire Pinocchio Rosenstein and Stalin Mueller.
They are so corrupt.

Author — Lucian Anton


After Democrats steal election in Florida.
They will claim both....


Author — Scotty Dirkers


Who cares what the Democrats want. The new AG should not waste anytime and start the take downs.

Author — HR Pickinstuff


Rodent Stain and the rest of his lying democrat buddies need to go to Gitmo

Author — Top. Comment. God


Alan Dershowitz is a man of principle who KNOWS THE LAW.
RARE amoungst Democrats.

Author — James clark


Alan Dershawitz use to be a standard liberal. Now he is viewed as a conservative by most of the left. His political positions are the same as they have always been. Why did the Left become so insane? Why can't they see that they are why we have Trump? The Left was the cause, Trump was the effect. If you would put someone like Dershawitz against Trump in 2020 you would win in an electoral landslide.

Author — Jomu


If Derschowitz had read a few paragraphs more he would know that THE VACANCIES ACT allows the President to appoint a replacement normally requiring a vote . Whitman qualifies under the statute and can be temporary AG for 210 days and iif need be the President can lengthen it to an additional 210 days until he gets a permanent AG approved
He can take his time and there is not a darn thing anyone can say..

Author — Mike Thomas


Dershowitz is right again. Whitaker should NOT recuse himself.

Author — tamimerkaz


Hey, it’s Professor Dershowitz!

Author — Armando Salgado


Those 18 states are the ones a civil war will fall upon.

Author — My Nibba


Whitaker has no reason to recuse himself!

Author — Cathie B


Progressives have a maxine waters IQ level of using a recipe to make ice cubes

Author — great informer