Trump took heat from Melania and Ivanka over racist chants at rally

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Trump took heat from Melania and Ivanka over racist chants at rally 4

CBS News has learned President Trump took a lot of heat from his own family over racist chants at a North Carolina rally. Weijia Jiang reports.

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If Melania and Ivanka have concerns about racism, why don't they say so publicly.

Author — Jeri Pruneda


The only people originally from America are Indians ...

Author — Donna Bray


I haven’t heard Melania or ivanka speak about it.

Author — Jaywalk 2020


If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell to you.

Author — Marie Taffe


BS story. They're all complicit on his racist comments.
Mike Pence is vocal on his anti LGBTQ agenda but silent on his party's racism.

Author — Mr. Chocolate


Public Figures make Public Statements. Have't seen/heard Melania, Ivanka or Pence say anything.

Author — Henry Teague


His wife and daughter spoke up? To whom? Really now, not to the

Author — Laverne Newton


As if what the "innocent" ivanka and melania think is relevant. As if that changes anything...!? And I don't believe it for a second.

Author — A M


"I disagree with It, but it was quite a chant" BUT? BUT IT WAS QUITE A CHANT?

Author — the Omega Concern


Oh yes. I clearly remember them both saying so publicly....not!

Author — Farook Razzak


Remember she (ormar) has been a citizen longer than the First Lady

Author — X S


Putin must be laughing himself Silly as America implodes on itself. So this is how it ends.

Author — Gods Vibes


Melania "DOESN'T CARE", Remember?

Author — HJ


Yeah right...they kiss the ground he walks on. Or they are terrified of his reactions when criticised.

Author — ana maria white


Haha! He forgotten he may have to change his Wife back. Oop! Maybe he is having someone for replacement...haha!

Author — Lau Chirs


Kevin McCarthy, your brown nose is showing again

Author — liar fighter


He felt “a little bit bad about it”. Just a little bit. Just like “good people on both sides”.

Author — Agent Cooper


" it was quite a chant" according to the Divider-in-Chief. Wasn't the VP in North Carolina at the rally? The damage has already been done. The rally reminded me of the 1930s in Germany 😔😂😭

Author — Abby Sotomi


This guy (trump) doesn't know how to lead what he saw was at the rally was a reflection of himself.

Author — Paul Heads


More lies he would be more convincing if he hadn't looked so pleased.this is why he needs fact checkers

Author — Cathy Raney Raney