Tucker: The New York Times' coronavirus coverage can be explained in 4 steps

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Tucker: The New York Times' coronavirus coverage can be explained in 4 steps 4.5

The establishment press has botched coronavirus from the beginning. #FoxNews #Tucker

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Book a ticket to Wuhan, racist 😂 I laughed out loud

Author — James Rokel


"Book a ticket to Wuhan, racist!", OMG this NEEDS to be a meme, lmao.

Author — SwinnyUK


I had no idea how deep China’s influence went until this Pandemic. We’re in very dangerous times when foreign powers can gain power over your media and politicians.

Author — Commissar Corbynov


Isn’t it obvious how the CCP has infiltrated our media?

Author — Mike Williams


Are we quick to forget that there are still many "riots in China" against the Chinese government for lying and failing the people for decades!! NYT is full of fools who create their own narratives and poisoning the people of NY and the rest of the nation!! If you receive there paper, burn it and post it on social media!!

Author — TheOtherSide


NYT blamed Christians. They're Christianphobes.

Author — I'm here


There is a reason Klavan calls it “a former newspaper”.

Author — Scottlp2



Whatever we give up willingly now— we won’t get back so easily once this crisis is past.

The government never cedes power willingly. That is a historical FACT.

Neither should we.

A government powerful enough to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED is also strong enough to TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE... PERMANENTLY.

the Democrats do not care about America or you they want this a socialist country so they can seize power

Author — Jay Spinks


I went to the store to try to find product to wipe my butt with, but they STILL haven't got any New York Times in! I'm going to have to use toilet paper again. 😠

Author — mr dupont


Yet another reminder this country's worst enemies aren't overseas...

Author — Andrew


NYT is run by activists. Stop calling them journalists!

Author — Jonathan Pasch


"There's no more virus in Wuhan; those doctors have all gone home." Meanwhile, China has shut down all 600 theaters in the country, ostensibly because there's no more virus in the country....

Author — Demef


"Book a ticket to Wuhan or you are a racist". Hilarious.

Author — Baruch Spinoza


"Unpaid infomercials"

Pretty sure that is incorrect; China absolutely has US officials on its payroll.

Author — Zorost


This person is eating from a dung pile suggesting we bring the CCP specialists here when they blocked our aid and observation of the situation, obviously the New York Times also eat from the same dung heap, we should tell them we can smell their bad breath from miles away.

Author — Joey Musacchio


The New York Times is being paid by the CCP to support these leftist views.
They can't say anything bad about China or they will upset their investors.

Author — evercllear


Maybe that is why the virus feels particularly at home in NY.

Author — Mike


Look at the flu season deaths in the united states a couple of years ago: According to the USA's CDC, over 80, 000 people died of flu and its complications.

Author — marius offing


Step 1: "Orange Man Bad"
Step 2: "Orange Man Bad"
Step 3: "Orange Man Bad"
Step 4: "Orange Man Bad"

Author — Hashirama Senju


I’m to the left of Sanders and resent having to keep agreeing with you. What is going on with the establishment media?!?! It’s alarming.

Author — mel Dolma