Syria strikes: 12 hours in two minutes - BBC News

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Syria strikes: 12 hours in two minutes - BBC News 3
How the attack by US, UK and France on suspected chemical weapons facilities in Syria unfolded.

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Elon needs to hurry up with that mission to Mars business 😶

Автор — Brad Henry


The Trump REGIME says all missiles hit their targets, yet we can see on social media Syrians posing with shot down missiles. LIARS.

Автор — Nineteen Sixty-Nine


“Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.” ~ Herbert Hoover

God help us...

Автор — Matko 64


Don't trust them. BBC is propaganda. They are just brainwashing and manipulating you. From Skripal case to Syria "gas attack" and many others before... Don't trust.

Автор — Yury Samodurov


the chemical attacks on bashar's people are FAKE and its been proven

Автор — iDR3KON


Have we learnt nothing from Iraq?
Assad has won the Syrian civil war. What does he have to gain from attacking his own citizens with chemical weapons at this point in time?
It's far more likely that 'rebel' groups, which have been proven to have chemical weapons in the past and also want the USA to intervene as they are days away from losing the war, carried out the attack.

Автор — Jeff Jeff


ahh thersea may i always knew you like playing with colourfull toys just make sure those colour full toys arent made of naplam chlorine gas and potassium nitrate

Автор — shadowXXe


Go after the manufacturer's of these chemicals. Thats right.
And STOP killing the innocent.

Автор — Marlene Mcgovern


Anyone else scared this is gonna trigger WW3 😶😓

Автор — Shahainaz Read


What happens now?
Better ask what's already happening.

Автор — Pragnan Saha


Syria should strengthen its ties with China. That's the only way they can defend their land from the Rouge Nations.

Автор — Shrikant Shinde


All of a sudden, your on trumps side now?

Автор — itchy uk


That chemical attack was fake and staged, the us and uk Just went along with it to get involved kill more people and basically just flat Syria right out. It’s not about lives or saving them, it’s all for money...

Автор — Sonya Macleod


Thats one way to get the qatari gas pipe through Syria 😀

Автор — keep_it _casual


Funny, I'm sure Syria is one of the countries the US was predicted to start a war along with the ones already on the list.... Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Can anyone remember the others??? I'm sure I saw that on some program about The USA and the Federal Reserve and how they are lying bottom feeders that manufacture reasons to go to

Автор — The Autistic Junkie


I’m just going to Naruto 🍥 run away from ww3

Автор — RySe ACcEpTiOnS


Why cant we have a world where no war happens. Nobody should suffer like some are

Автор — Logan A L


I want to ask, "US, French, UK launch strikes against SYRIA, especially in place where chemical attack zone they thought exist. How to stop people or military to not use chemical attack? BY KILLING INNOCENTS SYRIANS PEOPLE? By shooting civilians, Trump? By bombing people, Macron? By set the second war, British?"

So, to stop people using GUNS, we shall KILL THEM ALL. NOT removed the guns. To stop people use chemical attack, they bombing and shooting civilians. I understand what the meaning of HUMANS RIGHTS now. It means US, UK and French having RIGHTS to killing whoever against their policy.

Автор — sianne ribkah meliawaty Handayani


It's time to throw the bloodthirsty liberals out of office. No war in the middle east.

Автор — Dave Demo


Don't need to worry about my GCSE's then

Автор — Dylan C