Proof That Keanu Reeves Is the Nicest Man in Hollywood

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Proof That Keanu Reeves Is the Nicest Man in Hollywood 5
If you have never heard of these legendary stories about John Wick's actor, Keanu Reeves. Prepare to be impressed by this actor’s generosity and kindness. Keanu Reeves is awesome!

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I wouldn't even be mad if my girlfriend left me for Keanu Reeves

Author — Chinmay 2187


Keanu Reeves is the best
One like = one more life for Keanu

Author — Phantom GamingZ


Petition for Youtube To put KeanuReeves in the 2019 youtube rewind

Like to sign your name

Author — Panther Gamer


Legend has it that the moment u die, the last thing you see and hear is Keanu Reeves pointing at you saying ‘’ You’re breathtaking’’

Author — Moe Lester


„Keanu, can you help me with these groceries?“

Keanu: *cures* *your* *cancer*

Author — Saitama


Keanu reeves is not the nicest in the hollywood but....

He is the nicest man in the whole world❤️❤️👊🏼 and give this man lots of respect🤝❤️

Author — R3pZ


Imagine being offered a seat on the subway, looking up to see who’s offering it to you and it’s neo.

Author — Zach A


Me: Hey Keanu, can u lend me a dollar? ... I'm so broke dude....
Keanu: I am about to start this man's whole career...!

Author — Abhishek Naik


wonder how many people on that subway thought, 'oh that guy looks so much like keanu reeves'

Author — 구움프


Keanu reeves is the type of guy that you wish you could be friends with

Author — The Weekly Egg


Keanu Reeves isn’t the nicest man in holly wood

He’s the nicest man in the world

Author — Communist beanos wearing airpods


Sounds like Keanu Reeves is the only one in Hollywood with a life

Author — Ryan Crago


He doesn't run around saying "Hey, I'm Keanu Reeves!" That's why I like him.

Author — Just A Guy Who Is A Youtuber For Fun


Hes not the kindest in hollywood and world >:(

Hes the kindest in the whole universe

Author — Ders snek in me boots


What do you mean
“Nicest man in Hollywood”
It should be
“Nicest man in the world”

Author — T- 34-85


he is nice, but he said it himself that he only wants a quiet life like a normal civi

Author — duck


If we ever need superhero movie, just record his daily routine and make videos of it, right?

Author — gabian nagat


We need to protect this precious man at all costs! Nothing bad can happen to him!

Author — Zara Vibes


*2015* : no care
*2016* : nah....
*2017* : After john wick this guy is stud..💥
*2018* : ohh he is legend
*2019* : *Breathtaking* 😤

Author — Joshua samson johnson


Ok I think Keanu doesn’t do this to look like a godly figure like the internet makes him out to be I think he just wants to be a normal person like all of us that’s why he takes the train and simply is polite to people

Author — Maximiliano Lara Meza