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The Vatican Observatory recently spotted a new object orbiting the Sun. A Jesuit priest made the discovery last December 2021. It is called a Trans-Neptunian Object, because it orbits the Sun at a further point than the planet Neptune, the furthest known planet in the solar system. This new TNO is at least 3.3 billion miles from the Sun and it might provide clues into the formation of the solar system. Astronomer and Historian of Science with the Vatican Observatory, Chris Graney, joins to tell us more about the recent discovery, how the priest found it and why it could be so important. Graney shares what the reaction was among his colleagues and the community at large to Fr. Boyle's discovery. The Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest active in the world. Graney discusses more about the work he does and the relationship between the Vatican and the telescope where he works in Arizona.

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