8 Man Spider Fusion Build Crossout

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In this episode of Mr. G Plays Crossout we managed to get together with Gromek999 for some sweet fusion time. We put together and 8 man fusion spider tank.

Take a look at this massive fusion build.



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Game Description:

Join CROSSOUT, the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from a myriad interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive online battles!

Key Features:

Unique vehicles, crafted by players using a wide range of available parts: from nimble buggies to heavily tracked off-road vehicles and even combat walkers.

Complete freedom of creativity and thousands of possible combinations: Create vehicles of any shape using a wide range of parts, with a wide variety of armour and weapons to help support your arsenal.

Advanced damage model: destroy any part of an enemy vehicle and it will affect the machine's performance immediately.
A huge arsenal of weapons: From chainsaws to power-drills, machine guns to rocket launchers, and a wide range of variety including flying drones and stealth generators.
Your own workshop: create new and advanced parts, and auction them at the in-game marketplace.
Trading options between players: every piece that you have gathered in battle can be sold to other players.
Choose your own battle strategy: Apart from victory, the only thing that matters is your Survival.

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A few recommendations:

1.) 1 or 2 modules should deploy Sidekick drones for close quarters combat. The build itself is too cumbersome for such scenarios.

2.) Assemble the three modules at base and assemble the rest while moving out into combat. The disadvantage with Combiner Builds is that they take too long to assemble. This gives time to the enemy.

Author — James Jamero


The largest fusion me, my father and some other fellows managed to achieve is a 4-man craft. The wealthiest player used his build as the main body. My car was a modular car that was attached to the back. I had two avengers facing sideways. My father was another modular build attached to my back. He had an identical build with a pilgrim in the place of my jawbreaker. The other fellow used the wasp+gas generator method to get into a small attachment point. He had a mg build.

Author — Redstone dragon Gaming


Probably impractical, but mind-blowingy amazing

Author — Redstone dragon Gaming


@Mr. G can you please make a video showing/explaining fusion builds or how to build them?

Author — Cryozrex Zrex


“-Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak cars stronger!”
Some guy on the internet 2017

Author — Redstone dragon Gaming


Gromek999 knows too much about crossout.


Author — Redstone dragon Gaming


This is gonna take a long time to set up in an actaul game, But if you actaully fusion it you will be the weapon to surpass metal gear.

Author — Windown