Barkha Dutt with Sadhguru - In Conversation with the Mystic

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Barkha Dutt with Sadhguru - In Conversation with the Mystic 4.5
Barkha Dutt: Good evening everybody. I hope you can all hear me right till the back? Yes. I think Chiki also… already did the business of introducing Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who’s been described in many different ways in my profession, by people from my profession, we’ve called you a maverick, (Sadhguru laughs) we’ve called you a monk on a motorcycle, we’ve called you a glamorous, flamboyant guru but for your devotees you are simply Sadhguru. And yet Sadhguru, at a time when faith seems to be in collision with so many other questions that come up as a matter of individual liberty, I think this will make for a very interesting and important conversation for our times, so I would like to thank you for being part of this conversation.

Let me start with the spiritual and I hope what you say today is also addressed to the skeptics. I count myself among a skeptic, who if told that another human being possesses some sort of godly power, I would perhaps as the first instinct, not believe it but I find interesting about what you’ve s… some of your sayings, as captured by Arundhati Subramaniam in this book, is that you’re actually saying that what we experience beyond our five senses, anything that we experience beyond the five senses can be called God, can be called power or can be called yourself. So if God doesn’t necessarily exist, why do we need gurus, why do we need Sadhguru (Laughter)?


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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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I adore Sadhguru, he is a light that dissolves all darkness in the world and his sense of humour lifts us, it is clever, perceptive and truly wonderful. A wonderful being and incredibly wise to!.

Author — Jonathan carter


i am grateful to come across this video. he has cleared many things i was confused about. thnks

Author — Albert Sherpa


That was one great interview... not the questioning part so much but rather the answers given by the Sadguru who clarifies issues so easily.
Amazing the way he reaches to the root of the issues. And still maintains " i know nothing". Wow. I guess this is not humility but absence of ego.

Author — Satyajeet Vaidya


GPS (Guru Positioning System) Hah hah!!!

Author — Soliloquies on Love


I was eagerly waiting for this one. Thanks.

Author — Manipal Singh


Amazing person..emense knowlege.never seen anyone answering so logically..

Author — Nitish Prakash Surya


I like this conversation. Her questioning really brought out a lot of interesting answers. Sadhguru has relatable and positive perspectives on life.

Author — AmiNunni


wonderful answers!!! engaging the thoughts

Author — Shilpa Vaidya


Thank you! Listened to this 5xs today...

Author — I AM called Irene Chaliz-Lopez-Schoenfeld


such a thought provoking conversation, thank you a lot!

Author — SamsMarty


👍👏🙏. I hope the whole world will listen to Sadhguru!

Author — y. reintjens


Thank you Sadhguru for guiding me at this point in my life :)

Author — Emmanuel Apodaca


So smart I love sadghuru
He is brilliant

Author — Bujar Star


This is one of the best answers I have heard 
There is a lot of difference when you do something to make a living, as Barkha admits of herself and reflected in her questions, and you live to do something  which is reflected in Sadgurus  Answers

Author — Murali Gopal


a Great Man i love to listen to in the last 2 years.

Author — RDFFD Foundation


Fantastic Replies by Sadhguru for the boastful & stupid questions by Begum Barkha Dutt.

Author — Renga Iyengar


Sadguru  thank you for your blissful answers with examples .

Author — murali nair


Very thought provoking, I like the contrast between good people and sensible people and what is the need of the hour. I think this should happen everywhere in the world.

Author — Arnab Roy


Jai Guru (y)
Sadguru was just awesome, as always. Must watch. Highly recommended.

Author — Praveen A V


In Conversation with the Mystic - Barkha Dutt with Sadhguru

Author — Царь Mieczyslaw Skowronski