HD Final Soviet October Revolution Parade, 1990 Парад 7 Ноября

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HD Final Soviet October Revolution Parade, 1990 Парад 7 Ноября 5

This is the parade on Moscow's Red Square devoted to the 73rd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, 7 November 1990. By this time the situation inside the Soviet Union had grown more chaotic. Mikhail Gorbachev's reforms were not going as expected, with the Soviet economy falling into depression, and a torrent of nationalist movements sweeping across the USSR, the country's very existence was being called into question. This would be the last military parade of the Soviet era, and the final one in Russia to commemorate the October Revolution. By the end of next year the USSR would cease to exist as a political state. Taking the salute one last time is Minister of Defense of the USSR, Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitriy Yazov. Commanding the parade is commander of the Moscow Military District, Colonel General Nikolai Kalinin. Music performed by the Combined Orchestra of the Moscow Garrison conducted by Major General Nikolai Mikhailov.

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USSR: The parade is over see you next year.

-Last online 30 years ago

Author — Marge The Dog


Gorbachev: Our reforms will help the Soviet Union to rise again
Soviet Union: Mr. Gorbachev, I don't feel so good

Author — André Rothweiler



You knew communism was dying when your revolution parade is sponsored by Pepsi.

Author — RIPLemmyKilmister


I’m not a communist, but these kind of videos fascinate me. I find these other side of the Iron Curtain videos so interesting, big part of modern history
Edit: Understand that I am not saying that Communism itself and its ideals are fascinating. I am referring to how people lived and worked under the regime since its pretty unknown in the western world even today. Do not mix the two up

Author — jellysplatter


Even in the worst of times, the Soviets sure knew how to throw a celebration!

Author — trevortornadoes122


At 27:40 someone passed out on the bottom left

Author — xXSUBEXx



this is not a demonstration, this is a massal farewell walk.

Author — Herald



The anthem in sad melody, i'm musician in my school, i think this song is a code about the last time of October Revolution Parade. They know in this time they will breakup, but Gorbachev don't want chaos to be happen, so he just moralising the Soviet people. And of course that's the reason why the Gorbachev itself speeching in parade, not the Minister of Defense.

Author — Muhammad Azril Naufal Makmur


incredible you can watch such an important part of history on your couch

Author — Deleted Nachos


The way the anthem is play sounds like tired, communism like it's last time. Kind of sad even if I'm against

Author — Kayzen L7


21:17 just look at Lenin, he seemed to very crying for his last breath

Author — Law Dennis


Soviet Union will return the Simpsons predicted it

Author — sukhjit sandhu


21:44 Mikhail Gorbachev thinking: "Oh who am I kidding, we're finished."

Author — gobanito


Watching this on the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. November 7, 2017

Author — Jaden Sanchez


Ah, this bring's back memories of home. Time's were okay, I knew the country was crumbling. Though I had no clue at the time that just in one year, the Soviet Party would fall.
Пока, старый друг. Когда-нибудь, я надеюсь, я увижу, как ты снова воскреснешь.

Author — Ivan Kuznetsov


The Soviet Union died when Stalin died. Change my mind

Author — dayum son


I like how in the beginning, there's just dead silence where the cameraman is getting a view of Moscow before adjusting the camera to focus on Red Square.

Author — DJCJ


Welcome to another episode of: How did this get in my recommended

Author — DJSketch720


22:16 You have to wonder what's going through their heads. The iron curtain in Europe had already collapsed. The Baltics and Caucasus were breaking away. The economy was a shambles. Did they have any regrets? Did they still still believe in perestroika? Somehow, they seem to know this one is the last time.

Author — ExVeritateLibertas


24:25 when your mum meets her friend while driving home from the store.

Author — Cammy Smith