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This video is a detailed tutorial for another large house it has 3 floors and 5 large rooms with a balcony area at the front
This Ark build guide will walk you through the steps involved in building this fantastic looking House.
😀 Thank you all for your continued support 😀
Build Information

🌍 Map - The Island

📌 coordinates - 70.8LAT 34.0LON

💪🏻 Difficulty Lvl - ★★★☆☆

🛠 20 Wooden Foundations, 82 Stone Foundations, 34 Wooden Fence Foundations, 36 Ston Pillars, 111 Wooden Pillars, 01 Dino Gateway, 57 Stone Walls, 18 Greenhouse Walls, 295 Wooden Walls, 02 Stone Door Frames, 02 Stone Staircases, 102 Stone Ceilings, 57 Wooden Ceilings, 60 Wooden Railings, 02 Greenhouse Door Frames, 02 Greenhouse Doors, 11 Sloped Wooden Wall Right, 11 Sloped Wooden Wall Left, 02 Wooden Door Frames, 148 Sloped Stone Roofs
04 Reinforced Wooden Doors, 01 Reinforced Dino Gate

🎮🕹 Controls

Flip Wall
XBOX (Y Button)
PS4 (Triangle Button)
PC (E Key)

Snap Point Cycle
PS4 (R1)
PC (Q or Z Key)

PC - Hold alt-fire (default: Right Mousebutton) and use the number keys (1-6) to select which color regions you wish to paint
Xbox - LT+ Up, Down, Left or Right on DPad (for region 1-4) and Xbox: LT+LB+ X or Y (for region 5 and 6)
PS4 - L2 + Up, Down, Left or Right on DPad (for region 1-4) and L2 + L1+ Square or X (for region 5 and 6)

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💬 Comments

This is my latest How To Build Video is is a large House that has 3 floors and 5 large rooms, and includes a large Balcony area. Hope you all like the build!
As always all the building materials and location can be found in the description.

Author — Aaron Longstaff


I like how this channel is so professional, it takes you through every tiny bit of the build for stupid people like me so this looks easy apart from the fact of gathering resources 😹 But the lil RB and Y tips at the bottom of the screen really helped!

Author — Kavara


Dude this house is sick. My tribe and I have been living in it for 2 months now! We added a greenhouse, dino gates (1 per side), personal flyer landing pads for the upstairs bedrooms, furnished. powered, and stocked. It looks great and we still have so much space with 80+ tames living in or around the house. Thanks for the video!

Author — DirtySouthGaming


Hey man, this was a great tutorial! Easy to follow and a nice design! Thanks a lot for this!

Author — SXR123


Awesome video! So excited to start building. Although it’s 88 stone foundations, not 82. (14x6+4= 88)

Author — Rhannon Starr


Yet another awe inspiring design! The time it must take to come up with these designs is crazy. Thank you once again for sharing these builds with those of us who are 'stunted' when it comes to building structures in Ark.

Author — Terra Farmer


Just finished mine looks really good thank you I learned a lot from watching these vids no more square buildings for this guy

Author — matt c


Great video!! Love the time and effort you put into this not only building the house but making sure others can do it just as same

Author — Caden Teesateskie


Sir, this video is absolutly epic! I love how you describe the building process with all details! Great work! I don't know if you already made a tutorial for the octagon tower but I would love to see this made by you!
Thank you very much

Author — Maximilian Krauth


All in all, this is an amazing house! I just finished building it, and it looks spectacular... But you seem to be over counting or under counting how many of a specific structure you need.

Author — Chris Gerber


Muy buen video, una edicion perfecta y muy detallada, no se ingles pero se merece un buen like por la ayuda!

Author — Darío Romero


Thank you so much for these awesome guides. Just wanted to say these videos have given me (a hardcore PvPer) a new appreciation for building and PvE content on Ark. So much so that I am now playing on PvE servers trying out these builds haha. Have an awesome week ahead.

Author — Kavin Senguttuvan


Ooh 😮 Yay im building and showing this off today on my pvp server 😊 I have your watchtower in my base and the jail build in my event arena, the waterpen...wait I think I have 98% of your builds 😆Anways, thank you for the awesome tutorials. I don’t understand why you don’t have more subscribers is beyond me😞you deserve more! 💙



Thank you Aaron for putting hard work, time, and effort into these builds, I watch these videos every day the a lot

Author — Jessica McLain


Finally!!! Someone who actually puts up the build requirements, you're a rare breed sir and thanks for this it looks awesome 👌

Author — Jamie Nicholls


This is my first large build on ark I’m happy with the outcome and it was so easy because you literally explain everything slowly so we can catch it all

Author — Joe Joe


WOW. Seriously just WOW. Not only can you see the huge amount of effort that went into this video, the build itself is just stunning. BIG thumbs up 👍

Author — Christoph Britsch


Awesome like every build of you! Thank you for all your work and creativity! :) looking forward for your next video and your livestreams!

Author — Mary Lala


Awesome tutorial! Very easy to follow along with, and I'm glad you didn't do any talking like other youtubers. Very nice build, I'll be recreating this on my own server. Thanks!

Author — V White


I love the design of the house the only thing I have to suggest is instead of using single doors use double doors as it looks more even.

Author — Razia Sultani