Video clip shows medical staff waddling down Hubei hospital corridor after long work shift

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Video clip shows medical staff waddling down Hubei hospital corridor after long work shift 5

A video clip shows a medical worker waddling down a hospital corridor. Chen Shuhong, the head nurse of the Internal Medicine Department of Huimin Hospital in Yichang City of central China's Hubei Province, has been fighting on the front lines since February 11.

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Give this woman a medal for service to the nation.

Author — Randy Rick


the world need to change their priorities, give this frontliners the money and rest they deserve.

Author — Carmela Camba


This motivates me to study hard and become a dedicated doctor like her

Author — Midnight Sun


Prayers for the Chinese people, especially the caregivers.

Author — Teresa Blakley


Praying for those who are risking their lives and families to keep others safe.

Author — Nancy Coleman


Miserable... No amount of salary or recognition can ever repay the hardship a nurse goes through... 😔

Author — Maria Otohime


This is too much, these countries governments should have been better prepared.America included

Author — FTL OP


owhhh😢if only everyone realizes how these frontliners work .. shame to to those who have nothing better to do but bash the chinese ..i have nothing but respect to all of you medical people everywhere who are selflessly risking even your own health and life in the name of duty. my prayers are with you.. do not lose hope, by God’s mercies, it will only be a matter of time before we can all put this behind and live normally again 🙏🏼

Author — iambrujah


There are doctors who are risking their health and lives to save others and there is also a group of sick, pathetic, greedy, selfish and inconsiderate excuse of humans who are fighting over bog rolls and pasta and wiping off the shelves as if they are the only humans in existence and rest could die or rot in hell.

Author — Mr Creative Guy00


When we overcome to this situacion, (God first)every time we see a doctor, we must said thank you

Author — Jessenia Mosquea


It so sad watching them exhausted fighting at the front line
Be safe Angels

Author — The Sou Family


I wonder how many CEOs have had days like this for their multi million dollar salaries

Author — xxSemiSeriousxx


Lesson learned...please nurses, etc take cannot help others if eventually you have to be helped!

Author — tam i am


I’m a nurse work really hard but some patients are very cruel n mean towards nurses.

Author — Mado


My heart goes out to all of the nurses, Doctors, technician, first responders, and more from WORLD Wide! Thank you thank you thank you. You have put others first. Love you guys so much.

Author — Scottishroad35 Pinoy


I'm glad there are so many kind people who still have a human heart and treat Chinese people as human being. After seeing so many haters on YouTube.

Author — Speed Zh


I salute every doctor's n nurses n hospital of all the world may god bless u

Author — syed faheem


So heartbreaking! I want to hug this nurse and all other nurses after this fight! Lord, bless them all and their families!

Author — Jasmin Saquing


Wearing PPE is really hard to breath, hot and uncomfortable. Poor them 😭 god please help us.

Author — UNik S2


Salute to her dedication to save her country's citizens. She is truly doing her duty. God bless you dear.

Author — Surender Meel