Cracking Ancient Codes: Cuneiform Writing - with Irving Finkel

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Cracking Ancient Codes: Cuneiform Writing - with Irving Finkel 5

Writing is generally agreed to be among the greatest inventions in human history, perhaps the greatest invention, since it made history possible.

Writing seems to have been invented in the late fourth millennium BC in Mesopotamia in the form of wedge-shaped marks pressed into soft clay with a reed stylus: the script known as cuneiform. Through his work on this ancient language, Irving Finkel, has uncovered amazing secrets from over five thousand years ago, including the story behind Noah’s ark.

Irving Finkel is the curator in charge of cuneiform inscriptions on tablets of clay from ancient Mesopotamia at the British Museum, of which the Middle East Department has the largest collection of any modern museum. This work involves reading and translating all sorts of inscriptions, sometimes working on ancient archives to identify manuscripts that belong together, or even join to one another. He is the author of The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood.

This talk was filmed in the Ri on 18 January 2019.

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"The shift from pictographic use to writing sounds was the only real giant leap man has ever made apart from the development of the Electric Guitar."
― _Irving Finkel, intellectual, prophet, sage and rockstar_

Author — Ry P


He is hilarious, why isn't he more famous?

Author — Peter Moore


21:07 "So, the interesting thing is... I won't dwell on this melodramatic matter in case sensitive people feel faint, but when you start learning Sumerian, the business of leaping off a high building head-first onto the concrete is massively appealing on a daily basis". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Author — Max Gs


I'm exceedingly grateful for the Royal Institute providing these lectures to the general public to see and to learn from; Thank you.

Author — Todd Bourne


*Irving is like the great uncle / grandfather / neighbor / professor / mentor I wish I had.*

Author — Josip Tumapa


One time I saw him sitting on a bench casually reading a book in Hebrew. He's a madlad and a total legend!

Author — John Dee Is Me


"every piece of nonsense on your computers will be long gone and we will be the winners!"

I need more of this dude!

Author — Lucius Seneca


"Politicians and other clowns..."
Right on the money.

Author — rikkierikkie


Irving Finkle is world-renowned for his linguistic genius and skill. Thank you for uploading this.

Author — 88Gibson LesPaul


The kind of professor one hopes for and seldom is blessed with.

Author — 3lightsteps


What an amazing human being. I didn’t even know I was interested in such a topic. He is a treasure to be preserved!

Author — Ashley


This man is fantastic. I could sit in a million of his lectures.

Author — Stephen Wambsganss


I love Irving Finkel. Funny and Informed. I have thought about going to the British Museum just to meet him.

Author — Bo Whitten


Others: is this Dumbledore?
Me: Nope
Others: Is he Merlin?
Me: No
Others: Gandalf?
Me: No, better.
Others: who?
Me: Irving Finkel!

Author — Lambert Holtland


Stop saying Dumbledore, Santa, etc.

He's Noah by his own admission!
Edit: :)

Author — la patria o la tumba


This man is so comical but at the same time makes what might be a very academical subject enjoyable.

Author — bigmull


This guy always makes me laugh out loud, love his style of lecture and his use of strategically placed cursing and random swearing.
The personification of a curmudgeon.

Author — Ross Smith


I wish I had a professor like him when I was in school. His personality just captivates the audience and he has an amazing sense of humor. Also being one of the worlds foremost experts on the subject doesn't hurt either. I think I would have learned a great deal from a teacher such as this.

Author — Canuckvapor


Irving Finkel ought to be nominated as a hero of 2019, this man's words ought to be heard by more men.

Author — Herb Quest


I see Irving Finkle I click immediately.

Author — Kevin 27