4 Beautiful Days in SANTORINI Vlog - Thira, Oia, Blue Domes, Sunsets, Volcano Tour, Greece

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4 Beautiful Days in SANTORINI Vlog - Thira, Oia, Blue Domes, Sunsets, Volcano Tour, Greece 5
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We spend 4 days in Santorini, Greece. We explore the shops and restaurants of Thira and Oia, hunt for the iconic Blue Dome photo spots, bask in the beautiful sunsets, go shopping, explore Santorini's active volcano and bathe in its hot springs.


All shot on iPhone
Date of travel: June

Intro at 0:00
Arrival and hotel at 1:39
Exploring Thira at 3:38
Public Transport at 5:20
Oia at 6:15
Amoudie Bay at 8:16
Social Media and Sunsets at 10:40
Volcano and Hot Spring Tour at 12:25
Thira and Oia exploring with best dining at 14:55

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* Location of some blue dome areas we featured in the video. If you are coming from the Oia bus terminal: You will walk up a path taking you towards the sea side. You will enter into a square. Take a right. Not too far after this you hit Alexandros. There’s a left. Go down and after a few twists and turns you’ll end up there. If you hit Melevio on your left you’ve gone too far. If Melevio is on your right it’s just after Alexandros on your right.

There’s a different view but not as good further along, going towards to castle. You’ll see White Donkey on your right and Minerali on your left. Take the path on the left here.

* Excursion to volcano island and hot springs purchased from a shop in Thira. There are countless such places around Santorini and the hotel, all offering pretty much the same deals.

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💬 Comments on the video

This video is beautifully shot, and so insightful. You really captured the essence of Santorini! 💙 We just visited and filmed our own vlog - let us know what you think :)

Author — Sam & Olivia


Glad you mentioned about the donkey abuse, it really is a gruelling task for those poor donkeys with overweight tourists and climbing those endless steep steps all day long in extreme heat....hope it gets banned

Author — Alison Alexandratou


This may seriously be the best travel vlog I've ever watched and I watch A LOT of travel vlogs. It was informative, descriptive, honest, and a visual feast for the eyes....absolutely everything you want to know when you visit a place. The only thing I hoped for was to see a shot of a typical restaurant menu prices. Otherwise, awesome awesome video!

Author — Lisa_ and_Christian


Living in Santorini, I have to admit that you did a great job. Awesome video. Hope you had a great time here

Author — neosfilos32


Greece is drop-dead gorgeous. I have been now so many times, yet it never ceases to amaze and also I always feel at home.

Author — Alfsen_


Wawww, an Amazing video! I love Santorini, I was there for my first time in 1979! And I also remember the film "Summer Lovers", they filmed it in Santorini, I think in 1982 or 1983, I was in those years there! And you can see how was exactly Santorini in those years ! More authentic, most of the people use to live in θήρα and Οια, there were some restaurants, and some hotels, and you can stay in some houses which used to rented the people who lived there, now as you can see, most of them they have converted in hotels, night clubs, restaurants, and also the rest of the island, which in those days, you could see many vineyards on terraces and small white domed churches scattered along the island!

Author — Francisco Muñoz


I am always astounded by these tourists who put themselves in danger just for a photo! Great vlog.

Author — Irish Wanderer


I’m so impressed that you shot this all on iPhone lol.

Author — Joyti Blogs


Looks like a gorgeous place, but looks like it's definitely one to visit in the shoulder seasons. The geology looks awesome

Author — LMLMD


I expected you to visit Acrotiri, the very ancient part after the eruption 10000 years ago. You will see there relics, remnants and the ancient monuments in one of the most historical museums of Greece. Do not forget to visit in your next visit to Santorini.

Author — Sevasti Boutos


It’s one of amazing 😉 and breathtaking place ever as I have been there four years ago and I loved it 😘😘♥️♥️and hope to go again. I went their summer time in August were they have festivals and it’s beautiful 😍 down to earth but friendly people. As in Sydney is winter ❄️

Author — Marleen Ben


You do such a great job of narrating all your videos ....its part of what draws me in ...lol....a video can be great but the narrator can make it or break it ...lol....thanks for another wonderful video ....

Author — Purple Angel Wings


Great vlog. I laughed at the "just follow me on instagram" after your social media rant. Ironic comedy for the win ;)

Author — Bill Halbert


This is one of the absolute best travel videos I've seen. It comes as close as one can to feeling right there with you - very detailed. Well done!

Author — WriterSloane


I have very sweet memories of Greece was there for 3 months those pubs and beaches unforgettable 🌹

Author — Manju Singh


Epic video thanks for sharing. We followed your tips for a recent trip to Sri Lanka and will be doing the same for the Greek Islands. May I ask what month you traveled?

Author — Leia Melzer


I live in santorini, my dad has hotels there

Author — kk ko


Santorini looks such a beautiful place...now on my list of places to visit...I love your videos, so informative and such a pleasure to watch...thank you for uploading and I’m looking forward to your next video...

Author — Karen G


Thank you for this very tasteful video of my dream vacay, I can’t wait to visit next year ♥️🇬🇷

Author — Yerrr TV


probably the best Santorini video i saw to this date. thanks a lot for all the info given. Been there in august 1991, when it was still pretty quiet. Now going back next year june (2020), can't wait!!

Author — mvanoosterhoutfotografie