Carving a small Owl with Foredom and Dremel

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Carving a small Owl with Foredom and Dremel 5

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I am using Foredom tx and Dremel 3000.
The bits most of them are Kutzall original.
I finished with a little bit of woodburning and danish oil.
The wood is cuban laurel oak.

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Не важно откуда растут руки - если они"золотые!

Author — Nikolay K


That's an awesome little owl!
I'm going to try this this weekend, got a bunch of dried spalted sycamore around and some new ruby profiles to try out. Thanks for the lesson here!

Author — opethfan too


I was looking for a video on how to use my new Dremel and found this jewel!!! The owl carving is gorgeous!!! Surely I'll try to do one myself. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational video!!!

Author — Antonio L. Rivera


Great job a couple of times I thought you lost it but you pulled it back perfect, ! Thanks for showing us.

Author — Andrew Vitale


I thoroughly enjoyed your craftsmanship, and your video. Thanx for sharing.

Author — William Hollaway


Wow 😮, that’s awesome, you make it look soo easy

Author — Davonn Lakey


The owl 🦉was always there you just cut away the wood that it was hiding in.... bloody fantastic... huge talent...



Great job! That looks my first favorite owl a great horned owl. Have you ever carved a barn owl?

Author — Lisa Godin


That's awesome. I can't even draw an such beautiful owl. 😂

Author — Michelle Agirbas


Lovely carving. Thank you for the inspiration...I've just made one from a damson tree branch from my garden. I think I need a Foredom tool though as the Dremel got heavy. ATB, Paul.

Author — Paul S


Beautiful work of art. What a great, relaxing video - a pleasure to watch such a talent.

Author — Shrimpy


Does anybody happen to know the name of the burr that he uses for the eyes? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find or happen to really tell what it is

Author — hunter morrow


Some people have awesome talent, imagination and forethought!
This is just so cool!

Author — C.F. Farm


Thanks for all your work showing ur great work, I just did this carving, ( well actually) based off of this, I posted it on pinterest under ur project, keep up the great work and videos

Author — Bob Beyette


Thank you so much for sharing this, I really enjoyed watching you turn this tree bark into a beautiful art piece. It is amazing what can be done with a Dremel tool. Thanks a million..SMILES

Author — Doris Williams


You are so great at your work. I have a Dremel, set just need to learn how to start using it. Such an inspiration watching your video. Just totally Beautiful.

Author — Norma Austin


Beautiful. Owls have been my favorite sine my moms 70’s love....😂

Author — Colleen Posey


I repeat It for my mother's birthday, thank you

Author — AcidBurnVIII


Вот это я понимаю мастерство! Супер! Мастер золотые руки!

Author — Vladimir Osikov


Wow, amazing work and beautiful piece of art man. Nice job👍

Author — Rob G