Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Lyrics)

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-- "Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Lyrics)"

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I Hope U Like It Guys !!!! #DopeLyrics 🔔 Turn on the bell to be the first to listen to new music

Author — DopeLyrics


Dude watched the movie, wrote the lyrics and recorded it all in one day. He's a wizard harry.

Author — Maxtastic7


This songs makes me wanna go on a long and crazy journey, who wants to come?
Edit: This is one of if not my most favorite comment section on youtube, seeing a comment on here always brightens my day, hell! My week! Thank you all, this crazy journey is one of the best!

Author — Sleepless


Imagine you are sitting with your friends around a campfire and someone is strumming to this tune and everyone is singing. With the stars watching from above and the crickets singing with you...

Author — Janhavi Gadgil


“If people would cherish home more than gold, the world would be a merrier place.”

Author — Yourgirlellen


Some people: How did I not know about this earlier? I love Ed Sheeran!
Me: A wizard is neither early nor late. He arrives precisely when he means to.

Author — SocialPiranha


“In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit.” ...

Author — Veronica Zehr


lets be honest, Ed Sheehan hits different. He could be singing about a house and I would still cry

Author — Rachel Hahn


My grandfather told me about elvis presly
My father told about Michael Jackson
I will tell my children about ed shreeran😊

Author — unnati chavan


2020? Anyone? Or is it just me, crying bc of australia (and thorin)

Author — darklingsart


Group Activities!
- Orc slaying
- Barrel riding
- *Burning Together*

Author — Kotodaigami


I read the Hobbit the summer after the 4th grade, and it changed my life. It convinced me that even the smallest among us could change the world. Maybe not the entire world, but their world that made them escape into books to find a better world that wasn't so painful. At 10 I found a place called middle earth, and a land called the Shire that was green and lovely. I never wanted to come back.

Author — William Adams


"Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it."

-Gandalf the wizard

Author — Boy Lado


Fun fact: Ed sheeran was in a Game of Thrones episode singing near a camp fire.

Author — Kodi


*Listening to this during the largest California wild fire ever recorded. God help us all.*

Author — Cyo 22


I can’t believe middle earth is over, that was a huge part of my childhood and my life. It holds so many great memories from staying up on the weekend with my grandma watching it while she made me jam on toast. It reminds me of the countless hours I’ve put into the series and games and when I got got wifi looking up all the deleted scenes, watching the first hobbit on my 15th birthday. Getting invested into the lore and story’s of middle earth, thank you j.r.r Tolkien and thank you Peter Jackson you did the series so perfectly and wish I could relieve my younger days where I didn’t have a care In the world except waiting for the next part. Reading the books until my covers with a torch and quickly turning it off when dad came to see if I was sleeping ( pretty sure he knew i wasn’t ). My family is mainly gone but I will always have my middle earth family. This song brings tears to my eyes but also smiles.
Thank you all so much

Author — Nudist Priest


" If this is to end in fire then we should all burn together"
" And if we die tonight then we should all die together"

Love this phrases! <3

Author — janelle


Can't stop listening to this. Its truly haunting..
When it gets to that final chorus I just imagine thousands of people crying out in terror as their worlds turn to ash..

Author — Chris Dan Burr


this should go out to all hot shots and firefighters who literally March into hell knowing the consequences of what could happen to save someone that they never met in my eyes they are the unnoticed hero's

Author — J L


"If everyone fought fire with fire, the whole world would go up in smoke"~Lemony Snicket~

Author — Strydom Cronjé