Confetti Collection - Apr/May 2021 Box - 'Hold It' Very fun box!!!

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Confetti Collection is a bi-monthly stationery and fun novelties subscription box. It is $19.99 per box in which you will receive 8+ coordinated items.

Thank you so much to Confetti Collection for getting my box to me early to share it with all of my wonderful friends.

The Apr/May box is my seventh box and am loving the items received. I think this box will continue on this channel. The box theme is: Hold It!

They are currently back to taking new subscribers to their box.

0:00 Intro
0:24 Welcome to the video
1:12 Unboxing the Confetti collection box
12:45 Photo of all the items
12:52 List of the items
13:02 Outro

The items I received in my box are: C.R. Gibson products

This box is so adorable and I am very excited to see what is next!!


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💬 Comments

Oreo had me laughing so hard, I was invisioning him growling at his paw😂🤣😂. Tfs🌼

Author — Tracey Noe LMT


This is such an amazing box! I loved that lip bag! Also Oreo lol!

Author — Eshal Sohail


Morning Maureen I really enjoy seeing you unbox the one, I also really like all the products just an all around great box! Take care hope you have a wonderful day!🥰

Author — Steph L Southern


Miss Oreo was not listening to Mommy today! 😂 It's so funny how they always start misbehaving when we get busy. My kids used to always start doing something they shouldn't as soon as I got on the phone. It's funny now that they are grown but at the time not so much. 😊

Author — Bobbie M


I always enjoy watching the confetti box being opened. As soon as I go back to subbing in the fall I’m going to subscribe. Call Oreo let them enjoy chasing his tail it’s cute. Stay safe

Author — D Boutier


Adorable & affordable box.
I love the coloring journal.

Author — Karen Jean


Again thank you for showing this wonderful box! I so enjoy this subscription thanks to you 👏😊🦋

Author — Karen DeSimone


I absolutely love when you talk to Oreo it's so funny but cute. I'm love everything in this box this month

Author — tina a


Confetti has always been a great box.. the sticky notes and the lips and the other pouch is so nice.. tfs❤️

Author — Tanisha Shokeen


Wow what an awesome box rhis time. Love listening to Oreo

Author — Heather & Kaylee Mosher


I have never heard of this one before. Everything in the box was very nice. I will have to look into this one. Thank you so much for sharing with us, and I hope you have a Blessed day sweetie!!!

Author — Marlene Walker


Another fun and useful collection from confetti box. Colouring in is so relaxing.

Author — Kerry Millar


I think this is a nice box, very nice products in it, I had to laugh about Oreo, it was as if she also wanted to give her opinion about the box🤣

Author — Dutch Monique


This is one of THE best boxes I have ever gotten. This one had WAY more in it and I LOVED everything. I was excited and thought I hit the jackpot.

Author — Niki Reynolds


Adorable box, I like it and I love Oreo ❤️

Author — Maricarmen Arce Ochoa


Nice box. Oreo...I could just see him in my mind chewing and tugging on a toy.

Author — Sally Coucke


so funny that it seems Oreo was not listening!! lol!!

Author — Missi_ Slaughter


That's so awesome boxes ❣️🤩👍👍👍 love everything 😍

Author — sofia luna


Good morning Maureen!! That is a really great box!! I’m loving the cord covers so cute...and the coloring of the planner that’s awesome too... I color in my spare time especially with my anxiety that I have to calm me down... just everything I love about this box!’TFS... and you have a great day!!!😊❤️❤️

Author — Teresa starship


I finally got my Confetti Collection yesterday!!! I love it!!! Probably my favorite one so far. I like how how everyone gets similar boxes but not identical boxes. I got a few things that were the same as you, but most of my stuff was different. One thing I got different was a jewelry travel pouch instead of the lips case you received. I had been looking for one I liked and now I have one. The other things that were the same was the glitter cord keepers, the trinket box and the tin of sticky notes.

Author — Janet Skelton