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Masters at Common Law 5
CPA's Certified in Financial Forensics can be appointed "special masters" by the courts ... and otherwise investigate things like securities fraud, mortgage fraud and the like..

As described in text:

All Certificate Holders are customers of Cede & Co., being the nominee of the Depository Trust Company (“DTC”), a subsidiary of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corp. The Entities that purchase these Trust Certificates must purchase them from Cede & Co., or from one of its authorized agents. Seems to imitate the MERS model in so far as Cede & Co. appears to be the central recordation hub were investors trade positions by electronic registration. These named Trust Entity’s Certificates are almost always Held in the “street name” of Cede & Co.

The can follow the money.. or .. Note .. as it were. They can even determine who the "investor" is...

So.. can the Forensic Investigator locate the paying agent that the investor- borrower - you, needs to contact to have your investment converted from a certificate to FRN's??

Note: The Lender never lent you any money.. they did not sign the Loan Application, nor the Deed of Trust/Mortgage.. and the Name the Lender is using is not the Name of any licensed mortgage bank...

Your payments go to an escrow account... because you and the lender never signed a contract... and other things of interest are discussed within...

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Can't wait until the next video. Thank you for all the info and keep up the great work!

Author — Lee Labor


you are asolutely amazing this is alot .you are beatiful nomesta/love to you

Author — Michelle Jackson


i think i may be killed for having this knowledge....even by family members who may be in on this charade.

Author — karen


I would so donate if you could do something on promissory notes and school loans 😊

Author — Wendie Derrick


Rob. outstanding sir, as always. informative, inciteful, entertaining. i have a great deal of respect for the character that you clearly possess and generously share with others. thank you sir

Author — thomas peeno


what about the numbers on the back of the ss card the letter is the one of the banks claim the trust and revers all debt all bill will be reversed .

Author — David Parsons


rob is not telling anyone what to do. he is simply sharing things he has found that may just interest folks who also feel that banks and the like use fraudulent practices.

Author — thomas peeno


you are not going to forget this illustrated how to ... it gets better ..guess who the un-disclosed investor is ...oh my dog
robert rocks...grab pen & paper for note-taking

Author — Apache Turtle Island


As to the assertion that the lender never lent any money?  Legal fictions?  Completely bogus nonsense.  Poop.

Author — Emma Willard