That dude isn't dead-tired... he's DEAD! | Family Feud

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That dude isn't dead-tired... he's DEAD! | Family Feud 5
Name a way you might know someone is dead rather than just sleeping...

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‘Good answer’ is the biggest lie they tell each other

Author — The Hood


“You call their name and they don’t answer.”
Steve: “I guess we’ve all been dead before.”

Author — Mustang GT5


Well, that escalated quickly😂

Author — KJ


The first guy didn't understand the question. He should've said their eyes are open, not closed.

Author — PureBeauty511


Well okay, that's a bit obvious. I wouldn't think they might be sleeping at that point, but literally dead.

Who are these 100 people?

Author — Felisha


michael jackson is the only dead black guy ive ever seen go white.

Author — Dean William


Number seven is going to haunt me for the rest of my life

Author — Chazz Treat


It would really come in handy to sleep with your eyes open! Think about it! In a boring meeting, at school, at work 😂😂😂



Why is *kick them* on the board? Who kicks someone to see if they're dead 😂

Author — Mario1611


YouTube is drunk it says there are two comments in the comments section to this video but it has six comments in the comments section.

Author — Jill durham


I thought one of the answers would be “they’re in a casket” it’d be a given 😂

Author — _ Omar


I kept yelling smell. Also, I wondered if the guy saying eyes closed, then open, was the equivalent of 2 answers. I guess not, but I wonder what their rule is when a player pulls that stunt of saying multiple answers. I think they’re supposed to take the first answer, but I’ve seen cases where they took the second thing the player said. A lady one time said 2 actual answers that were up there and they took her second answer, which turned out to be the #1 answer. I was wondering where the judges minds were at that day. Luckily the other family won that round because it would have been unfair if they didn’t.

Author — drlee2


No "Insects are crawling everywhere"?

Author — MurKS


my grand mas mom would sometimes sleep with her eyes and mouth wide open it was weird

Author — Christian kathryn Grimes


Most Brainless Family which i have seen in my Life

Author — Rosysur Angomcha


Why did that girl get scared at the beginning when steve start laughing??

Author — A Dawg713


Steve: You know that. You know how many times you been asleep with your eyes wide open?

Author — Christopher Pham


Gods this when my.gifriend passed away. Except the smell part and headless. She passed in her.sleep

Author — Don Webber


Who always shouts "good answer"

Author — Richard Ndiweni


Their eyes are closed 😂😂 no one said they turned blue, it wasn't even on the board 😂😂

Author — Prophetess Frye