Overworked Chinese doctor collapses from exhaustion

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Overworked Chinese doctor collapses from exhaustion 5

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An overworked doctor in southwestern China’s Sichuan province collapsed twice from exhaustion. His story has moved many online.

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In case you guys dont know, medical resources are still lacking in China due to large population, that means sometimes a doc need to take over 150 patients each day, and extra working hour is very common. And whats worse is that, some ignorant patients family or relatives blame the patients inreversible conditon or inevitable death to doctors, thinking doctor are magicians that can even save conditions like cancer late stage. Therefore, lots of docs got injuried and even died to attacks of those insane people, it happens everday in China. My respect to Chinese doctors and all doctors.

Автор — HaoChen Jia


why cant society respect people like this instead of dumb social media influencers and rappers

Автор — Jamey oldschool


This doctor is a hero. A saint. He lost teeth and lost consciousness and still worked the next day. Oh my

Автор — K A


Real doctor, he loves the people, sacrifices himself for others. Very noble person. My respect.

Автор — Alexandriah אלכסנדריה


This doctor is a hero, he lost his front teeth and cracked his head but still worked the next day 🥺

Автор — _asianpotato_


Poor doctor saving people but can’t save himself from been tired.

Автор — Music The Best


It makes me mad to see how health professionals are working tirelessly for patients while some idiots in Florida are in beaches having fun and passing the coronavirus around.

Автор — Lilli D


This made me cry. I've been hearing alot of stories like this about the doctors in China who are so dedicated and overworked especially right now... My deepest respect to these and all doctors around the world...

Автор — dusti smith


This man could've lost his life. He even risked it. I hope he is all better now 😭



His brain signal his body to shut down and take a rest

Автор — xXx


The fact that he broke his front teeth is absolutely heartbreaking.

Автор — Flamesthatburn331


This calls doctor 🥼 and world’s every doctor should be like that who is so much involved in human serving....✊🏻👈🏼

Автор — Abtaha Chowdhury


Tribute to all the people who at these critical times are sacrificing their safety and security to keep us out of danger.

Автор — Dr. Suman Pareek


It’s called micro sleep it’s when ur body tries to force itself at random times to go to sleep and that means you are at a dangerous level of exhaustion

Автор — Angel Jiminian


I’m crying right now I hope he feels better 😭

Автор — Bigbrain101


He probably is really concerned about helping people. He forgot about himself.

Автор — Toasted Tarts


Prayers for the Chinese and Our World Nobody deserves this 💝

Автор — Bernie Casey


.. And whoever saves one soul, it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.

The Noble Quran 5:32

Автор — One Ummah


Such a beautiful soul. Bless his heart. 😥

Автор — Pauline Brouwer


He is extremely dedicated but he must also take care of himself.Pray he gets well soon to be back at his feet to serve his patients.

Автор — Teck Hoh Ng