Pakistan in Bihar, do you know about this Pakistan Tola of Purnea? (BBC Hindi)

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पाकिस्तान का नाम सुनकर ज़हन में पड़ोसी मुल्क आ जाता है.पर कम ही लोग जानते होंगे कि भारत में भी एक पाकिस्तान बसता है. हम बात कर रहे हैं उस पाकिस्तान टोले की जो बिहार के पूर्णिया ज़िले में है जहां लोकसभा चुनाव के दूसरे चरण में वोट डाले जाएंगे. पर पाकिस्तान नाम के इस टोले के लोगों की मुश्किलें क्या हैं. ये जाना हमारी सहयोगी सीटू तिवारी ने.

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BBC walo .. yogi adityanath k pas jao.. agle hi din name change.😂😂😂😂

Author — mohan nain


Name change karne se jyada ...Waha k devlopment jaruri h🤔

Author — Karan Singh baghel


Kolkata me China town hai, wahan ke log chinese nahi kaihlate 😅😅😅

Author — Ritesh Around The world


I want to go back 8 years in past. Childhood were Golden days when I was not interested in Geopolitical News.

Author — ALI


💐 उम्मीद है कि सरकार इस वीडियो को
देखकर परिवर्तन लाये।💐

Author — Praveen Kumar


Wohaoo!!! BBC visited my home city, purnia.

Author — Otaku Pin Club{ where passion belongs}


Politicians only want power ..and then they forget common people that's why we need right to reject and right to recall

Author — Manoj Solanke


I'm also Santhal but feel so bad to see my people live in such condition .

Author — Rajkishore Hembram


दोस्तो ।भारत के गॉंवों का ही सत्यता है।यहॉं तक कि आप गुजरात तक में देख सकते हैं ।

Author — Yatharth Rashtra


har taraf yehi hal h. golden line.. aate hen kehte hen vote dedo tumhe dekhenge.. phir seat mil jae to seat ko dekhenge kya hame dekhenge.. . 01:27

Author — Syed Sadiq ali


Bjp' 31 MPs from Bihar ....Not any single development has been done in Bihar . Religion and Castism are mainly factor for lack of development in Bihar.

Author — ravi


I'm from purnea but never heard about that place🤔

Author — Shadab anwer


Nagda ke Pass ek village me Hindu Admi Ka Name bhi Pakishtan he

Author — Abid mansuri


They are not hindu.
They called themself *Sarna*

Santhali tribe has their own religion.

Santhali got national acknowledgement as a language spoken by many tribal family in jharkhand

Author — Ultra Store


Our Indian politicians are requested to take interest in such type of remote and needy villages of the country.

Author — Isahaq Inamdar


Ab Indian is area ka naam change karny ka bolay ga 😂agar change karna hai tu waha ka logoo ki life change karo .

Author — Adil Mughal


देखो नेता देखो । यही विकाश का नाम है।
यहाँ तोह विकास के नाम पर कुछ भी नही है

Author — prashant Kumar


And our nation is developing very fast.... the reality is no-one is wise... as power comes in hands of specific personality it definitely gets up into there head... that's the truth...

Author — K K


DDO should visit this place and check the facts & report back to PMO!

Author — Prakash Kumar Balekundri


British pounds of bbc were given to indians for the policy of divide and rule. the propaganda of bbc divide and hatred.

Author — Zeeshan Raza