Miboxer C4 V3 2019 Universal Smart Battery Charger – Review

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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Thanks for review! I ordered one at the above link and received exactly the same charger. It has the label-sticker "Miboxer C4 V3 Universal 186...650 21700 with Protect Board" on the box. It has charge/discharge/charge function and text on the box "Accurate capacity measurement(only 4th slot)" too. But on the first page in the lower right corner of the manual there is small "V4". Hmm...

Author — S D


Bought V4 and I like it more than my Litokala lii500. Easy to use, dischargee function works only in 4th place, but it is not so important as nerds think.

Author — 13mass Freeman


I just got one of these today and V4 is printed in the bottom right of the front cover of the manual.

Author — Sharkbar


mAH indicator is way off. I bought the charger for this feature & I wonder why they even wasted the time to put that on the display. 2000mAH 18650 shows 50mAH at 100% charge on a new battery. Does this on several different brands of batteries.

Author — Mr. Ograv


this is not v3 model, this is a model C4V4 with battery discharge function.lucky you

Author — welmak