Stephen Harper's stumbling response to Justin Trudeau: March 7, 2013

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Stephen Harper's stumbling response to Justin Trudeau: March 7, 2013 4

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, a leading candidate to become his party's leader, stood in the House and asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper about EI reform. The prime minister responded by stumbling over Trudeau's title, twice referring to him—before he caught himself both times—as "Minister." A rare slip up by Harper during QP.

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Why does our parliament act like a bunch of unruly high school students??  

Author — Hephaestia Three


Its like a high school lunch cafeteria in there

Author — SuperManUnited


Elizabeth May casually chillin in the background

Author — Tailsonic6


The speaker doesn't have a very authoritative voice, does he?

Author — Presto262


hilarious how literally every trudeau video now a days is a uhhh uhh uh uhh stumbling video...

Author — Luke Fontaine


Funny how people thought that was a slip up back then. Now we here Huh, uhh, umm, every time that fool talks.

Author — Canadian mistake


"the honorable minister" lol- foreshadowing perhaps.

Author — Ben Mosher


Mr. Speaker we ask you remove the gross green carpet from the House of Commons floor. It's horrifying

Author — PrisonedFan


Wtf is this? Are they filming a game show? Is this how Canada is run? Laughing and making awing noises. They don't seem to take it very serious and rather then actually come up with reasonable answers, they are making jokes and most importantly they are making a mockery of the system. We didn't vote for clowns to make jokes, we can go see a damn comedian if we want a damn laugh. Pay attention to the country at hand.

Author — Dan Beaudry


Primer Minister, Mr. Harper is the most modest at Congress House.

Author — Hong Cong Phan


They really should move his teleprompter closer, it's too dam hard to read that away. Watching the house of commons or the equivalent in any democratic country makes me believe the world is run by a bunch of rowdy high school students.

Author — mcaddicts


Harper is and has always been a puppet of the American fascist regime.

Author — Freeman Human


If any aliens are watching this is where we send our morons to go play during the day while the rest of the world grinds it out.

Author — Chef Derek Butt


“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around…” – Justin Trudeau, November 7, 2013

“We are fed up with leaders who pit Canadians against Canadians. West against East, rich against poor, Quebec against the rest of the country, urban against rural.” -Justin Trudeau

“We have 24 senators from Quebec and there are just six from Alberta and British Columbia. It’s to our advantage.”
-Justin Trudeau

Author — HolyEyeWasHere


Why is Elizabeth May sitting behind Justin Trudeau?
She's leader of the Green Party.

Author — Apocalypse Plough


The Conservatives ain't doing nothing! :P

Author — JonnySel Productions


"Brazeau part deux"
I almost pissed myself laughing reading that!

Author — jim g


There isn't a labor shortage in this country...there's a job shortage.

The important thing about massaging the way you measure unemployment is that you have to remember not to drink that Kool Aid yourself...

Author — Deadeye


I love looking at Tim Uppal in the background :D He just seems so...beardy :D

Author — Maxwell Majaesic


Jesus... I've seen more "order" in a kindergarten class

Author — TheGreatDeciever55