Stress and effect on a vessel in severe weather conditions

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Stress and effect on a vessel in severe weather conditions 5

Stress and effect on a vessel in severe weather conditions. Recorded during passage from Suez Canal to Singaporre, recorded in June 2008.

Ships in Storm - Terrifying Monster Waves

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I had heard that they designed vessels to be flexible, so that they would bend, rather than break, but this is the first time to see it in action. So freaking weird.

Автор — Rain Man


Even though we know it's supposed to flex like that, it looks pretty unnerving.

Автор — Greg C


Might be normal flexing but I’d be waiting in the lifeboat till the storm passed.

Автор — H_Bohm


As an naval architect, you are pleased that such a phenomenon receives so much attention :)

Автор — Tirolekafi


while the interior shots looks scary you have to remember how long those vessels are. Sky scrapers flex in the wind in a similar manner.

Автор — FuckYouWhosNext


That interior shot was scary to say the least.

Автор — SuperExcedrin


I won’t complain about my office job anymore, I promise!

Автор — Supernaut


had no idea their was that much flex, wow

Автор — Shaun McInnis


I know it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, but it does not make it any less unnerving!

Автор — Earnharvick


 I joined the first big ship I was on, the Exxon North Slope in LA in Feb 1986. When I got up the next day after we were underway I looked out the port hole from my room which faced forward. The weather wasn't even bad just a blustery day really the deck was flexing sort of in waves.I remember thinking "I hope they know what they're doing".
  Later when we were loading in Valdez, AK I was on watch out on deck. We had radios to communicate with the mate in the cargo control room . I was walking around the deck singing the one verse from SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW that I knew. As I walked aft in front of the control room the mate was pounding on the porthole . My radio was stuck in the transmit mode and they had been listening to me sing for about 10-15 min.I was mortified.Good days.Thanks for the video.

Автор — rodanzig


And that’s why planes have curtains and short cabins

Автор — Jaime


Like the wings on a commercial airliner. Amazing video, thank you very much for uploading.

Автор — Etienne Dauphin


So Senator Collins why did the front fall off?

Well a wave hit it.

Автор — Dylan Milne


I know any large thing(sky-scraper, ship, airplane, bridge, etc.)flexes. Seeing it is cool. Thanx.

Автор — Scratch Dog 22


This video simply shows what happens to a flexible steel beam (a ship) when a fluctuating load (waves) are applied. The beam flexes like a spring. At leat 6 problems for the naval architect/structural engineer/ marine engineer to solve: 1. excessive loads leading to yielding and/or buckling of steel members, 2. extreme deflections leading to containers smashing together, 3. excessive accelerations of structure leading to uncomfortable living/working conditions for the crew. Add to this 4. roll, pitch and yaw accelerations/angles of the vessel due to the response of the ship to the waves, 5. local water pressure pulses on the steel plate grillages around the bow area (panting), 6. exposure of the prop in extreme pitching leading to over reving of the engines and potential engine shut down and you have a complex engineering problem to solve. Amazing that any of our Christmas presents from China ever arrive on time!

Автор — Lionel Playford


Thanks YouTube for putting this BACK in my watch list after 3



Been there and served on these ships they move all right 🇬🇧👍🏻🍺🙏👍🏻

Автор — Charles Smith


1:40 - Wow, wasn't aware they flexed that much in that many directions.

Автор — Mark -


My truck trailer flexes like that to, the containers probably help with the rigidity and support.

Автор — Get Schwifty


I don't know why but I love the videos of ships in the middle of rough sea. Also the videos of lighthouses with huge waves hitting them.

Автор — Aitor Tilla