An honest review of Movavi Video Editor

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An honest review of Movavi Video Editor 4.5
Movavi has an easy-to-use Video Editor for Windows and Mac... but is it really any better than Windows Movie Maker or iMovie?

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Movavi is crap. It does not stitch video correctly and the company refused to refund money paid for the license. AVOID!

Author — Sergey Storm


this was incredibly helpful. thank you 0w0

Author — Rank Dreams


I appreciate the review, you're always brutally honest and it's cool that you go to lengths when recording these (such as testing out all the movie codecs when importing files).

However, one thing I found funny was that you actually swapped from screen-recording to manually holding your camcorder to show the image stabilization. "Here, look at this shaky video I recorded with shaky video!"

Haha I kid though. Looking forward to more videos!

Author — Anomalous


Thanks so much for making this review!

Author — Seulgi Kim


Good thing I saw this before trying it out. A media bin is a MUST for me and the other issues just sound to annoying to deal with.
Thank you for your review :)

Author — horse14t


I've been working on it and I love it!!! Nice discount aswell

Author — FPS Kings


Man... you shouldn't had paid that crack head to record your video - 6:23

Author — pete


Thank you very much for your review. I was looking to get Movave for video stabilization. It did not work for me as well.

Author — ThrustmasterD


I would have installed if I hadn't seen this video. Thanks alot!

Author — Sky Dune


Thanks for this. I tried the trial a coupe of times and it was just ok. That dump thing was a nuisance though

Author — Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht


"...but you can still download Movie Maker if you *really* want it." Wow, even Microsoft acknowledges that WMM is a piece of junk! Even if this video editor was really good, I still wouldn't be able to bring myself to advertise it on social media to get a free copy though.

Author — wilkes85


I don't know if you've used it even know it. But HitFilm express is fantastic, really powerful and it's free. So give it a look. And the stabilization thing happened to me in Movie Maker as well.

Author — VariTimo


Thank you for your honest review, but you should try the new Movavi Video Editor 4. The new version is more powerful and it has a new enhanced stabilization feature.

Author — Evgeniy Molozhenko


I love how your username is "user."

Author — Matthew28845


Great job, except that I do wish you would make it clearer which version you are reviewing, especially in the intro text under the video.

Author — UK2AK


make a review of sony vegas (any version)

Author — TheOnlyBass


i actually use Movavi to edit my videos and i have for the past couple of months... if you want to see how well it works, i make gaming videos.

its actually WAY better than Movie Maker

Author — Heavy .O


do .mov files work when importing? I have some nice shots on my iPhone 7 and I was wondering if it would work

Author — Alex Woo


On the shaky camera footage, just cut back on the coffee after taking so much dexedrine.

Author — Matt Muckleroy


Can you rewind the video for a cool montage?

Author — Unknown