Battle-ready Beijing: China prepares for war as tensions with US rising

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Battle-ready Beijing: China prepares for war as tensions with US rising 3.5

Chinese President Xi Jinping told military officials responsible for the disputed South China Sea to be better “prepared for war” as tensions with the US are rising. Beijing may be bracing for a worst-case scenario with the US.

#RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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Sad thing is that the rest of the world just hears "America" this "America" that, but these reports are no where on our US television news shows. Just crap about celebrity birthdays and ads for pharmaceuticals. The majority of Americans don't even know this is happening. But I can promise, as someone who helps veterans and active duty military with their healthcare, Americans are so tired of being at war. Having huge chucks of our income go to military operations rather than using it to provide basic preventative care or affordable education to its citizens.

Author — OliverMiles


US invades Beijing.
Marine turns to his buddy
"dude I swear I killed that same guy like 6 times..."

Author — Aryeh Mischel


Yes indeed, China bears no culpability or responsibility for the constant theft of American and European intellectual property, for predatory practices with regards to acquiring foreign industrial manufacturing bases, and for constantly debasing its currency to create artificial and unsustainable trade surpluses. The fact that much of China's actions, though subtle, are against international law does not seem to bother any of the pundit class. Meanwhile, if America dare respond to China by doing anything other than continuing to prop up its industrial base at the expense of its own citizens - and God forbid imposes tariffs against China to obtain some small degree of reciprocity - pundit heads all explode.

Author — SSPX


*RT Is Biased, It is a Russian news network. Take this with a grain of salt*

Author — strategyveteran


This guy isn't a reporter, has a salesman selling his message, look at his overt acting stance and movement.

Author — Brian Cullen


China 🇨🇳 & USA 🇺🇸 won’t go to war because it would destroy the world 🌎 economy 💰 and also kill millions of lives from al over the world 🗺.

Author — Omar Rochet


While i am not an really an American supporter... i think American presence in the South China sea is appreciated by all countries in that region except China.
China wants to bully everyone and take over all land, sea or sky that they can acquire.
They are on a mission... and if u r not chinese....u would notwant that mission to succeed.

Author — Sumit Kumar


So China sailing their warships, and building artificial military bases near the Philippines and Taiwan is ok but when the US sails warships to patrol taiwan it's an act of war SMH...
Edit: This reporter is obviously brainwashed, so take whatever that idiot says with a grain of salt.

Author — E


It would be more fun and fair if Presidents went in the ring instead of bringing terror to millions of people that dont know whats going on .

Author — You Ate All My Beans Niqqa


One sided hit piece from Russia state owned mouthpiece!!!!

Author — Maddie Karma


If the Chinese don't want a trade war, they should behave properly in the international economy. As for Taiwan: Whether it isn't a part of China, why should the water between them not be international waters? The U.S. doesn't claim ownership of the waters between California and Hawaii.

Author — SilvanaDil


Wait there are pro US comments here that never happens on YouTube

Author — Thezebraherd


No one is going to war
Media just want something hot to show
It's not that bad

Author — abdullah abdulaziz


Trump: :)


*T R I G G E R E D ! !*

Author — Squishy Potato


Bomb China with immigrants and LGBQ's.

Author — Thunder Blitz


2:05 'Hakuna matata' famous Kenyan saying meaning 'no worries'



Didn't USA said it is looking only for peace and doing everything to prevent war ?
Yes, they did but i don't understand why it is pushing China into war then .

Author — Emil Girginov


China is threatening free movement in international waters, why is this report not telling that.

Author — kkg T


I.m With China ✌️✌️
Long Live Pakistan / China Friendship

Author — Safdar Warraich


USA is a cheater .I hope China teaches these idiots a life long lesson .No one is with USA anymore exceps its western Allies

Author — knight rider