Drauf & Dran feat. Kalletti Klub - Topsy

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Drauf & Dran

Kalletti Klub


Title: Drauf & Dran feat. Kalletti Klub - Topsy
EP: Voulez vous
Genre: Electro Swing / Electronic
Label: Ton liebt Klang
Copyright: All rights to the auditory media used in this video are property of Ton liebt Klang (2016)


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Hey there swingers!
Just lettin' ya know that we've been doin' a bit'a workin' on our Home Page, and you can now sort through past Speakeasy videos thru custom Speakeasy Tags and Playlists! You can find these new tags on our channels Home Page, or in a Speakeasy videos description!
This'll make it THAT much easier for us ta help ya'ta find the PERFECT Fast Paced, Lyrical, Jivin' beat you've been lookin' for!

Never cease the swing in the beat!
~The Speakeasy

Author — The Speakeasy


Your channel is underappreciated, love what you're doing, keep it up!

Author — Avalanche


Kalleti Klub and Drauf & Dran!


Author — Jamas Palikari