I'm Not Going To Prison For Emulating Video Games...

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

You ever wonder why all your favorite emulator websites get to sit in safety while every rom site is taken away from existence, it's because it's not as bad as some would lead you to believe. It's the only real way to preserve the medium we all love so much. Thanks for watching!
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Author — SomeOrdinaryGamers


With Emulating you can achieve the resolution and framerate that „Nintendon‘t“

Author — Luigikid Gaming


"...have a computer from NASA or something"
*laughs in shuckle*

Author — The Shuckmeister


“One does not wage wars with emus.” -An Australian proverb

Author — Misaka the Memetic


I love how Muta is recording in broad daylight, this means that he finally has a decent sleep schedule

Author — Jackie JK || EN Vtuber


Here’s a question to all Nintendo fanboys

Is Nintendo or the FBI, really going to lose their shit over you emulating Smash Bros. Brawl on a PC or a Series X?

Author — Dreadwinger


The fact that Sony nearly took down their PS3 store makes the perfect argument for preservation/emulation.

Author — Nick's Repository


Emulation isn't here to stay.

It was already here, and it is already staying.

Author — maskednil


Why does Nintendo have to cry over people emulating obsolete games that are decades old

Author — Huracan360


Emulation has been described to me on more than one occasion as "God's work".

Author — Jay Sistar


prisoner:"I killed a man, what about you?"
"I emulated pokemon black."

Author — Kuscerowski 76


Im happy with how emulation is progressing through the years.Ps3 emulation has come a long way with framerate, 3ds running better than it does on the handheld is always rewarding

Author — Swordface67


If you look at the Biblical definitions of Theft, it always has to do with harming the economic value of a person or group. Stealing work is a thing, like refusing to pay an employee or not paying for an object or software that someone worked to produce in order to sell. HOWEVER, there is no such thing as "intellectual property", you cannot own ideas. And if a person or group is no longer selling a thing that they made before, then copying that thing is not harming the economic value of the person or group. You can't steal a game from a company that no longer sells that game. Because either way, the company is not making money. It's their own fault for failing to sell their work. At that point, it becomes public domain.

Author — Hedge Earthridge


We’ve lost about 50% of all films ever made and 70-90% of all silent films ever made due to mishandling of the original film stock by the companies that produced them. video games are also at their very infancy and if no one works to preserve them like emulator coders do they’ll be lost to history just like all those silent films were, you can never trust the big corporations to do what’s right for the art that they helped create and if you can you need to take it into your own hands

Author — Walker Gibbs


Ahhh, my childhood of emulating GBA games... those were the best of times.

Author — RoboLencca-01


Prisoner: “I blew up a country, what are you in for?”

“I emulated Sonic the Hedgehog 2006”

Author — The Coolest Daniel


"dont download free music from pirated websites, it hurts the creator"
Me: So that their kids are gonna have to suffer because they have to eat with gold spoons instead of diamonds?

Author — Flexn Rex


Best reason to emulate:

Freedom to play freaking 3DS games on a large screen with a superior PS4/Xbox/whatever gamepad.

Author — Abedeus


I remember somehow getting some very old games to run on my pc, it was annoying af to get Daggerfall to actually run properly on a windows 10 machine had to figure out fps and just general memory related stuff also had to go to another site to get an emulator that can properly run the game on a newer system with all the benefits that come with it, then the next day some unity version was made by a fan. Still I believe emulation is like preserving a fossil, with time degrading it without any action done, preservation can leave it intact and let us know of an era of gaming, rather than leaving the books to collect dust behind a shelf for 100 years. It isn't hurting sales if a game from 30 years ago is being emulated on newer devices, most likely it'll be forgotten about otherwise.

Author — Sir Baguette


The fun thing is that when you look at the reasoning in those cases that solidified emulator legality is that the Judges actually classified emulators as legitimate competition to the original consoles. So stuff like "Yuzu runs Switch games better than the actual Switch" in legal terms just means that the Switch is not a competitive product.

Author — Sean O'Farrell