Brexit: UK’s new PM accused of pursuing ‘no-deal’ - BBC News

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Brexit: UK’s new PM accused of pursuing ‘no-deal’ - BBC News 3
Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he's ‘very confident’ a new Brexit deal can be reached with the European Union. Speaking on his first visit to Scotland as Prime Minister, he said there was scope for a new plan – but Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she believed he was secretly pursuing a ‘dangerous’ no-deal Brexit.

Meanwhile the company which owns the car maker Vauxhall says the firm will shut its factory in the North of England if Brexit makes the site unprofitable.

BBC News at Ten’s coverage with Clive Myrie, Scotland Editor Sarah Smith, Business Editor Simon Jack, Chief Political Correspondent Vicki Young, and Coletta Smith.

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i'll be honest i'm kinda surprised usually BBC and other news channels usually have comments disabled

Author — Blazaboi95


Anti-Brexit propaganda from the AGAIN. Who would've guessed it?

Author — FusterCluck


Yet more blatant bias from the utterly corrupt BBC.

Author — lawrence roper


How can he be "accused" of doing what he was put in office to do ?

Author — Julius Seesaw


The new man in charge has to prepare for no deal. It may well not happen but Boris would be foolish not to have his team on alert.

Author — Jonny Smythe


Breaking news :
Theresa Mays government accused of pursuing any eu deal brexit.

Author — UK MEDIA


"Pursuing a no deal" cause that is what people actually voted for.

Author — Ciper


Prepare for the worst, and try for the best. It would be insane to not prepare for no deal.

Author — Alex Agius


Britain's car manufacturing is nonexistent ffs and that's being in the EU!

Author — Moonshine Buck


Talks about Vauxhall and shows footage of Toyotas. Idiots.

Author — Darren Steele


I’m just here to say screw the BBC and the TV license they impose upon people!

Author — Jordi9047


No news here, move along... I summed up this story easily with the Jedi mind trick...

Author — Ron Clark


hahah you forgot to disable your comments and now your narrative is broken.. oh no...

Author — Lewis Lancaster


Boris pushing for a no deal? I am almost shocked and surprised by this news, at no point in his run to be leader was this ever brought up!! I was convinced he was fully behind getting a new deal sorted out and in no-way was he going to let the deadline pass for a "auto no deal" to take place... I am 100% bamboozled at this point... I don't even know how to react at this news, I didnt see this coming at all :-O

Thanks for clearing everything up BBC, what would we ever do without you? ;-)

Author — Geeky Grant Miniatures


We should already be out of the EU.

Remember folks, if you dismiss my vote, along with the 17.4 million others, then why should we accept your votes.

And if we can't solve our problems in the ballet box, and accept defeat gracefully, then the alternative is to decide such things by the sword.

Democracy is as much about accepting you lost as it is about getting your own way.

If you truly believe that "democracy" gives you the right to get your own way all the time, regardless, then it's not democracy you believe in, but tryanny.

Kind of makes a mockery of the name "Liberal Democracts" when their leader states on record she will refuse to accept the results of ANY election, no matter how many times the same question is asked.

Why then should anyone accept the votes cast for her, if she herself is unable to respect the votes cast against.

Civil War, is that what you want, you petulant halfwit.

Bring it on then.

Author — William Topping


It is only the UK that is willing to negotiate.

The EU has held fast to May`s deal Merkle presented her with.

You do not chain yourself to the negotiating table in the EU, the EU is not negotiating at and throw the keys to those chains to the EU demanding a good deal or you are not leaving.

Still, too many Remainers in Parliament blocking every way to actually leave the EU.

Time for a General Election.

Author — Custos Secretus


'No Brexit deal' 06:19 And the BBC wants us to think its unbiased... really?

Author — Gruxxan


37% scots voted leave, that is more than what voted for SNP

Author — PETER-isn't- HERE


The Government is doing its job. Hope for a deal, prepare for no deal. It’s how every department works.

And for the record, No Deal is better than Scottish independence. Remember straight after their vote, the oil price per barrel plummeted because of an Oil “War” between US pumps and Saudi Arabian pumps. They’d been fucked back then.

Author — smoketinytom


Next news, Trump accused of wanting to build a border wall - Oh the scandal

Author — Quillo