Halo Fest: Halo 4 Panel Opening Video

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

You've witnessed the pulse-pounding teaser for Halo 4, now see what 343 Industries has to say about the game. Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor, Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill, and Studio Creative Director Josh Holmes talk about what's in store for fans in 2012 and beyond.

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best game series ever! Can't wait for Halo 4 gonna be amazing

Author — Pootrick15


It's funny that Chief has only been absent for four years and we're all so excited to see him back.


Author — Kilo


iv always loved halo for single player im not a big fan of the multiplayer its just not my taste but iv always loved the single player its just so perfect

Author — aegjkfhsjssetjthuw wtwtuywerywehu


I will definitely be waiting 5+ hours in line to purchase the super ultra mythical legendary edition at the midnight release. Halo fucking rocks.

Author — Mad-Slick


I trust 343 to take where Bungie left off and make their twist to Halo amazing.
As long as Halo don't turn into a "Cash Cow" Like CoD games(Which we all know it won't), I can't wait for Halo 4.

Author — Ainrehtea Dal'nalirtu


HALO REACH multiplayer was amazing! I love it! ... I loved HALO 3 as well =p

Author — ICG


Personaly LOVED halo reach and halo cea and I think H4 will be awesome

Author — zyreiironana


I've been a halo fan sence I was 6 years old and I loved every single game they made(except halo wars) and I loved bungies work dont care what others say for me bungie is #1, and I hope 343 ind don't fuck up the game(not saying they suck or anything in commong) I hope they do something like halo2 that was the best of the franchise

Author — Darkii Rosas


From what I have read 343 only has about 4 known ex-Bungie members, but still, 343 has a very accomplished group of people whom have worked on other accomplished games and all of them are die-hard Halo fans or they wouldn't have left their previous jobs..

I have high confidence in 343.

Author — TymesRhymes


@MrSpeedGamerz ODST was amazing what the hell are you thinking? The atmosphere and setting was incredible and gave a one of a kind feeling you've never gotten in any other FPS before. The music was just as amazing and fit the setting perfectly. The story was very good as well, giving the main player an RPG sort of feel to roam around looking for flashbacks of other soldiers was a GREAT idea and worked well. Graphics were a step up from Halo 3. I enjoyed not having an overshield for once.

Author — Joshua W


@kvelas1 I have full confidence in them, they really are doing very well so far, I was presently surprised with Halo Anniversary, and there's a lot of talent in there.

Author — Liam Smith


The chief and always grabbing something that saves his life at the last second means something big is gonna take place in the next part

Author — Spot Dacro


In the future, the physics of Halo will come true!

Author — Metablades32


everyone says it needs a good i say it doesn't have to be a good i say the game overall MUST BE

Author — Voluptuous Taco


@coldles you're not alone I love halo reach with a passion long live halo

Author — charjackable


wow i know this guys are going to make halo a Way better experience to play. Hopefully there are more places, bigger maps, add camo to your guns, and Even ATTACHMENTS.
Love you bungie, Love u 343
Fuck YEAH :)

Author — Sebascc100


Omg, when this comes out I can throw away my Call of Duty games and keep Halo 3, Anniversary, and Halo 4

Author — Lalabran


@360viper117 i have to agree halo anniversary was a shock to me very nice... and the music was just beautiful as always. i truly have high hopes for halo 4 but if they do flood fire-fight i dont care if the campaign sucks ill still buy it!!

Author — kevin velasquez


Everyone knows that Josh's are the ultimate bros and 343 Studios has a Josh on their team so we know that we're safe.
Carry on 343, Carry on.

Author — TheresPooOnMyShoe


Just two questions:
1.will the arbiter be in Halo 4?
2. Will the same voice actors for the chief and Cortana still be there?

Author — Jamaicanbanana2