American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER / Los Angeles to Miami / 4K Video

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American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER / Los Angeles to Miami / 4K Video 4.5

This is strictly for airliner enthusiasts like me that love and enjoy the thrill of flying, especially take off and landing.

Recorded: October 2017
Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Destination: Miami, FL, USA
Flight: 1088
Aircraft Reg # N730AN
Seat: 7A Business Class
Flight Duration: 05:22:00
Camera: Sony RX-100M5 and iPhone 7

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Two beautiful cities, that I wish I could visit. My car came from Miami.

Author — fairday2


I used to work at TBIT and I NEVER saw it that empty!

Author — Matt Cairns


Thank you for sharing our beautiful moments

Author — Omar Asiri


I don't think you could've picked a more beautiful morning to make that departure from LAX! Great video with some great shots of the various aircraft types and variants. I've also flown on this 777-300 in first class, from LAX to ATL. Good job on this video!

Author — David Wolf


I just took that very flight from Miami to LA two weeks ago today, I absolutely loved it.

Author — Ivan Udell


Absolutely a great video. I joined the Navy to work on aircraft and I love every minute of it. BTW, it was an excellent morning in L.A.; where I'm from.

Author — Charles Jenkins


*I really love it, great video. thank you*

Author — Dencho Cooling Services BV


Great scenery of Cali to Miami.Truly enjoy your footage SD.

Author — Juneyah Beatmaztah Hutchinson


Clean window, good weather and 4K video, all these contributed to this excellent video, one of the best of this kind. Thank you.

Author — Adam Witkowski


Great video. My favorite seat on AA's 77W is 4J. BTW your footage is crisp!! Did you hand hold the camera during taxi and takeoff or did you have it mounted?

Author — Michael Steele Aviation


Can you say what phone/camera this was filmed with? Thank You, excellent quality!

Author — Tom Locke


No Morning Marine Layer/Fog? Amazing!! 😲 A Wonderful Journey!! 😎

Author — David Burns


I love the Qantas 747-400. It's always great to see that wonderful big bird. My first flight to down under was with the VH-OEB. Frankfurt/Singapore/Sydney. I guess i am the only German who flew with all aboriginal painted 747's. Both -400's ( Wunala dreaming ) and the -300 version Nalandji dreaming.

Author — Dr. Feelgood


So, this particular aircraft had flown in from Sydney to LAX and then on to Miami. I'd say American is getting their money's worth. BTW, Google how many pins [bolts] hold those mighty engines to the wing pylon. In some cases, three.

Author — David Barnett


Mostrar interior banheiro. Alimentação a bordo..filmar em hd sugestão

Author — Sergio GAMA


Thank you for sharing this video. I enjoyed it.

Author — Michael A. Buccilli


I love business class only flown once and i enjoyed the freedom

Author — YvngB Tv


Easily one of the cleanest AV geek video in Youtube. Superb video quality!

Author — Karlo Punzal


Wow, what a great departure v from LAX. Really enjoyed the entire video. Great job.

Author — Jay Tee It Up


An top quality video and is the music from the Foo Fighters Learning to walk again?

Author — Stephen Dailey