This deep-sea mystery is changing our understanding of life | Karen Lloyd

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This deep-sea mystery is changing our understanding of life | Karen Lloyd 5
How deep into the Earth can we go and still find life? Marine microbiologist Karen Lloyd introduces us to deep-subsurface microbes: tiny organisms that live buried meters deep in ocean mud and have been on Earth since way before animals. Learn more about these mysterious microbes, which refuse to grow in the lab and seem to have a fundamentally different relationship with time and energy than we do.

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Enthusiastic, passionate, articulate and candid! She made a fascinating TED talk!! Great one!

Author — 0megalvyz1


Great speaker . She does a fantastic at passing that enthusiasm on.

Author — Jack Northrup


“Scientific evidence against existential loneliness”.. NICE!

Author — Sakshi Singh


Maybe the petri dishes need to be under several hundred atmospheres of pressure to simulate the conditions that the microbes exist in.

Author — Kevin Deemster


Her passion for her work is truly admirable. Awesome talk.

Author — 75350v8


What an awesome talk by a great scientist and a great communicator!

Author — Taylor U


"Time to get up!!!"
"Just five more centuries, mom."
"That's what you said five centuries ago!"

Author — David Buschhorn


Maybe your Petri dish hold the secret to near immortality.
Love your enthusiasm.

Author — Dennis McCool


Loved this. She genuinely ignited interest in me to study more of ocean biology. She's so graceful and articulate

Author — Nabeeha Essam


These are a contingency plan. When humans wipe out all life, these bad boys will be waiting to repopulate the planet... slowly, but surely. They are our eventual replacement.

Author — John Wilson


I love how she loves what she does so much.
I also love her dress

Author — dumpster


I like the MUD!
But you need a submarine to go down into the ocean?
Fresh food falls to the ocean floor, everyday!

Author — American G.D.A.


I'm only 11262848800 pineapples old. I hope I live to be 32179568000 pineapples.

Author — enilenis


Maybe these microbes are earth's backup drive where its keeps the data on how life works.

Author — Bhasker Joshi


Good way to store data if you can program them.

Author — David Hazelden


This blew my mind! Now I know why she can't stop thinking about it.

Author — Olivia Meiring


Haven't been able to put them in Petri dishes because gravity

Author — Victor Cuellar


"No, mom. I can't just 'go play outside.' It will shorten my life span."

Author — Josh T


"So in my job on a daily basis, I get to produce scientific evidence against existential loneliness" Thank you.

Author — Wavyeye


I like her sm ! She's so intelligent and charming

Author — preternatural