Eugen Enin - 10 Years Anniversary on USD Skates

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Eugen Enin - 10 Years Anniversary on USD Skates
Eugen Enin has been on USD for ten years, to celebrate this moment we released this best of video with his most significant moves!
Thank you for all the work and we hope for many more years to come.

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crazy, I havn't even seen Eugen's earlier years of skating!!



We don't know what we did to deserve him, but god bless Eugen Enin for finding skates some point along the line and bringing us some of the most amazing, crazy, and 100% his own skating of the last 10+ years. - Travis | Blader Union

Автор — Blader Union


This is extreme, there are quite a few very very good aggressive skaters out there, but i think Eugen could be at least the most creative one, maybe even the best street skater.

Автор — Strah1981


this ain't just skating, it's performance art

Автор — mofaka713


This is probably one of the best videos I've ever seen in my life and on internet

Автор — Eshel N


Wow!! I started aggressive inline because of Enin, and he's been progressing and progressing, one hell of a skater indeed!!

Автор — Michael Yeung


I feel like he's the one who really picked up where Latimer left off, that extra tech but also creative style that Latimer truly started but Eugen revolutionized in rollerblading. Eugen is easily the most tech skater in the world, and just happens to be able to go extra big as well. This was so dope to watch. Congrats to him and USD for holding rollerblading down...10 years strong.

Автор — TaketheK I N G D O M


Mind blowing ultra tech blading! I do like his newest style, though. Shadows and baggy pants for the win! haha! Just kidding, Eugen is a living legend, most tech blader ever! Love his blading!

Автор — Fred Castro


Master sensei~
Thank you for giving so many of us inspiration and motivation! It's really awesome to see how you continued growing over the past decade and the progression that comes along with it.

Respect 100/100

Автор — Poncho King


The most tech unique street skater ever, got me a 33 year old blader back on blades inspirational.

Автор — Adam Hill


Thank you so much for everything you have given us and yourself.
The community is stronger because of you and I still get my mind blown by your ability to make the most technical transitions look like you're just spreading butter on toast.

Автор — JustCause1641


... to celebrate this moment we released this NEW BOOT! 🤙

Eugen & USD ✌️❤️

Автор — Con Tiger


Watching the evolution of this man over the past 10 yrs in one video is mind blowing. He is one of the Most creative skaters in the world!

Автор — Acosta Blades


It's mindboggling how he was that good in his early years and I only found out about him in his USD intro

Автор — Nathan O'Connell


This was my childhood for 3 years non stop, I miss it!

Автор — Nicklaus Christofono


We all see the consistant insane content he puts out. But this is a reminder of how elite he is overall. Most of this is fairly recent stuff

Just finnished watching the video. This is so good, makes me think of DL as the basis of influence. To progress into something beyond. Like 24 years in rollerblading. It's almost emotional to watch bc he is that good. Top 5 goat. Welcome to the shima club

Автор — Mighty Mouse


Bester Streetskater aller Zeiten. Und das wird auch für immer so bleiben.👏👏👏

Автор — Swiss blader


Any inline skate shop should have this on a dedicated continuous loop...

Автор — Ollie Anthem


Hell of a 10yr run. Wow. Can't wait for the next 10!!!

Автор — Andrew Edgerton


Guess handrails lost their name. Just call them "Enins" from now on. This man OWNS them.

Real talk, Eugen is an incredibly inspiring, creative, innovative, talented skater and I'm grateful to be alive in such a dope time. I'm new to aggressive inline but having a blast! ^_^

Автор — Jordan da Silva