Marvel Theory: This New Villain Is Coming In Phase 4

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Marvel Theory: This New Villain Is Coming In Phase 4 5

Thanks to some leaked set photos from the solo Black Widow film, it seems that we may finally be seeing one of the Avengers most notorious villains making his way to the big screen.

Taskmaster, the trainer of some of the universe's deadliest antagonists, and master of basically every fighting style ever, is coming to make Natasha Romanoff’s day just a little bit more difficult. But what if his presence in Black Widow isn’t just a one-off? What if this means bigger things for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole? As we gear up for Phase 4, the rumors will only continue to grow and all of the leaks from the Black Widow movie will just increase the talk and chatter. After the success of Thanos in the MCU, a lot of eyes on who the next big bad will be and how they can deliver a compelling performance that is right up there with Thanos or even exceeds expectations.

In this video, we will take a look at who exactly the Taskmaster is, what he is capable of, and how he could potentially shape the future of not only phase 4, but the MCU as we know it. Tony Masters, aka Taskmaster, had a relatively normal childhood, that is, until he discovered that he could perfectly mimic the movements of anyone he watched, including one time when he nailed a dive into a pool after watching a professional diver perform the move only once. As he grew up, he utilised this ability to get ahead in life, such as when he became the star quarterback of his high school football team, after watching a few professional games on TV.

Eventually, Masters joined up and became an agent of SHIELD, where he only grew stronger and stronger.

So sit back, relax, and let’s learn all about Taskmaster.

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YouTube is getting real cocky with these double ads

Author — YouTube Critic


Deadpool 3.

Deadpool vs taskmaster.

Author — only half bad 333


After seeing him in action in the game, and seeing justice brought to Vulture and Mysterio om the big screen, I'd absolutely love Taskmaster to be brought to life, maybe even give hope for characters like Moon Knight to someday come to life

Author — Zwergz 112


I’m just ready for whatever Phase 4 has to offer. LET’S GO!

Author — Tone Desh


In the comics he started he's school of assassin's so if it's a prequel the memory of Black widow in avengers age of ultron would be explained and she was working for him in his school
This is my theory
Like so i can know how many people now knows of it

Author — M O


We need a whole solo movie for him. That’s all I’m going to say, he’s a great character with a amazing backstory and awesome abilities, so in my opinion a solo movie for him is 100% needed

Author — Barrett Dimidik


I think Taskmaster’s presence and the “Black Widow” film in itself is a set up for “Falcon and Winter Soldier.”

Author — Reggie’s Reggie


Here's a thought:

….on Dr. Doom's payroll. ;)

Author — wargriffin5


Screen rant: a new villain is coming to the MCU
Me: So the hero’s won’t just fight themselves?

Author — Cool Film Movies


This villain sounds like a Windows PC tool.

Author — Omar Salinas


God I pray hes not a one off hes such an amazing villain

Author — The Dragon Legault


Prediction: Taskmaster trains Killmonger in the past

Author — Jimmy Smith


*Turns to Kilmonger, Klaw, Minn-Erva, Skurge and a whole turn of other villains* Oh yeah I'm sure it'll be more than one film. They DEFINITELY won't kill Taskmaster off in the most unceremonious way possible.

Author — Timewarpiaman


He's the most underrated villain in Marvel comics he needs a Big screen showing

Author — Martha Weasel Bear


I think he is an amazing character with a great arch. Disney has been killing off its villains in almost every movie, Loki being one of the only exceptions. I feel if he is represented he will probably be killed off. Although it would be pretty cool to see him pull a nick fury in all the easter eggs at the end and assemble is own anti-avengers

Author — fastgav


Could be the main villain Black Widow and Hawkeye faced in Budapest 🤔

Author — Rusty Gold


Tony Masters will be lit af 🔥🔥 he literally mimics all fight moves 😍

Author — Theo A.


Tasky is not powerful enough to be next. Dr Doom, Galacticus, Kang or Annihilus would be better.

Tasky will be the villain for Black Widow

Author — PeaPool


Taskmaster is awesome and I would like to see him in the MCU fight the team of avengers

Author — Onyx Gombo


He's an awesome villain, I'd love to see him, but I don't want to see his face. At least not in Black Widow, save it for later

Author — Mobbs