Tomasi - Triptyque

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Henri Tomasi (1901-1971)
Triptyque for Trumpet and Piano (1957) with score

0:00 - I. Scherzo
0:44 - II. Largo
1:56 - III. Saltarelle

Wynton Marsalis (trumpet), Judith Lynn Stillman (piano)

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I love the little stuff he does to make it work, lightly tonguing instead of slurring and just little cheat codes for trumpet. Let's you know how hard this piece is. I've been working on it for the last 5 weeks- been a nightmare. Wynton is clearly not to be questioned- incredible performance.

Author — William Yandell


Merci pour cette interprétation ! et cette partition !
Michel. (France).
♥ Amitiés

Author — Michel8665


Cette pièce musicale se déplit comme un livre d'images plein d'étoiles, où viennent filer les oiseaux, tourner les farandoles, claquer les crécelles et danser les sorciers !

Author — Philippe Cirse


Génial... un concertinonino avec orchestrino !

Author — Nicolas Alexandre Messina


Wynton m'impressionnera toute ma vie...

Author — Cenzos


Stunning tones of an american city from a rainy and smoky day from a window to a car chas

Author — n m


where could i get this for free?
someone plz help me, my teacher wants me to play this, plz someone help

Author — Ruben Siman


Dumb question, but is the trumpet part written Bb on the score?

Author — Bri Ritter