Cryptozoology Phantom Metric Time Jesus Christ of Tartary Mommy Big Foot Dragons & Dinosaurs

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Cryptozoology Phantom Metric Time Jesus Christ of Tartary Mommy Big Foot Dragons & Dinosaurs 4.5
Music By Kolobyte

This video explores Venus Fly Traps Vegetable Sheep & Big Bird, Leviathan Islands and Walking Trees and swatch beats

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Sir, you need to do more research and stop mixing agendas with hoaxes and heading your contribution with a truth eminating title.
You're leading your viewers down rabbit holes that will exhaust them so much that they will give up or become indoctrinated. Don't forget Truth can always stand on it's own and needs few words of explanation or defense or comparative input.
Quite the opposite what you do!

Author — Gary Edlin


Just like the Platypus, your content is so difficult to classify. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your work! <3

Author — A Drop of Water Salted With Fire


Wow Andreas, you definitely went to a different kind of school to me, Took me years to find this stuff. Great video kep up the good work

Author — Cambell Purvis


Funny thing is my daughter brought home a packet from school about the tartary and im like holy S!@# they never taught us this not even in college they are slowly leaking the truth to the youth

Author — Marz Van'Go


Dude your dot-to-dot is next level I swear.

Author — J. R.


Why u don't get more views? You have the best Tartary video's, thanks so much!!!

Author — mafiósa fila da puta


Your presentations are very well put together and I think you come across as very warm and relatable to "the intellectual." I'll save my on-topic thoughts for another time, but for now just wanted to give you a "Very well done, sir. Seek Truth and find... sooner or later."

Author — Mr Winters


Excellent vid! Very interesting and well presented! ✌🐦

Author — Mocking Bird Lane


“Fomenko video’s that were big in the early 2000’s”?? Are you trying to Mandela me 👨🏻‍🎤🕸🤨 thanks for the “beat”👍🏼

Author — Gerard geert Hulshof


We are all supposed to be gardeners tending our Empires. Thank you Andreas, much love 👍💜

Author — carol watson


I LOVE your enthusiasm and your frantic Quest for the Real and the True! You mirror me. You’ve got a nice style. Great job!✅ ( Tim & Eric- ever watch? ). Keep up the great work. It’s much appreciated and needs to get out there there. Wherever there is. 😳

Author — Juliesunshine 333


Ideas attract money, time, talents, skills, energy and other complementary ideas that will bring then into reality. -Mark Victor Hansen (He was involved in writing chicken soup for the soul)

God bless you xirtus

Author — Beauty or Power


vegetable sheep/ tartary.. ie, association conditioning, same process as with todays young minds (and old fair to say) and the corruption of north pole santa claus and it's dismissal of lands to the north. Tartary, North (MERU). Same practice like with so much, with each reset you can see how knowing the past 200 years (or whatever) each time allows for total control in the current time, for as long as it is allowed. My recurring question or ponderance though is simply, do we all not just incarnate or experience here a role in essence given to us by a (hopefully) higher truth. We can talk and reference certain powers or families or cults of knowledge which yes indeed reclaim and pass down the secrets... but... unless they truly can somehow manifest themselves as a new soul after death into that same paradigm of knowledge then really the next soul coming through into that knowledge/family etc could just as likely be you or i...? Which leads me to the many thoughts that this brings which there's no need to share as i'm sure they're equally obvious and intriguing/puzzling to others.

Author — cosmic G


I'm a huge fan of your style, we need more of this

Author — Dennis Alcorn


In the past couple of years another cryptid called "Dogman" has a lot of sightings like bigfoot. If you look around Youtube you'll find channels like Dogman Encounters which has real people calling in to talk about their encounters with these creatures. When you start listening to these encounters you can hear the fear in their voices as they describe their experience.

I've listened to so many of these Dogman eyewitness stories and they often describe it looking very similar to the werewolf from the movie Van Hellsing.

Author — Kyung Dae Seung


You need commas in your titles but great content, nonetheless!

Author — Zack Bakersky


_"Feed me, Marshal!! Feed me nowww...."_

Author — River Smith


Nice! I been wondering about bigfoots boobs for a while now. Totally agree that is a very interesting detail to add to a suit.

Author — Seven Circles


Please pronounce the title properly! It's not _Tar-tree_ *_TAR-TAR--ee_*

Author — PaцḶєє BlцєṢтяєєт


The Heavenly Warrior Defeats the Beast

Author — Jovan ANDREJIC