Stanton SCS.3d aka: DaScratch

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1st look at the Stanton SCS.3d Midi control unit.

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Awesome demo dude! Glad you like the unit, I had a *hand* in developing it. ;)

Author — jimspree


great demo. i'm still trying to figure out the fx and trig functions on mine

Author — Daniel


Does it work well with Torq?
I assume you have Torq since you have the Conectiv soundcard....

Author — DjInsurance


Great sound right on the start ;)

the midi look kinda good for mixing... but kinda small

Author — Thierry Ferreira


Hey... i use some CDJ 1000s would you say this stanton UNIT is as easy to use put more portable?

Author — Alex Marsh


i got the set with the 'DaScratch" and the "SCS.3m" you can scratch when its on vinyl mode 1. it works well im going to post a video up soon to preview it and to get tips before i do it for our schools talent show. Yes u cant get the same effects as you would from an acual vinyl and im just starting once i get more in to it im going to purchase a set of turntables

Author — Tito Delgado


(Noobie BTW) I got one but I can't seem to get my Trigger mode to do "pre set hot cue". I'm using the software it came with (downloaded online) Traktor LE. I got the Stanton SCS3 System. What am I doing wrong?

Author — emagrev


do you know where i can download the drivers pertaining to them



Why is it called "DaScratch" went its useless for scratching??? You are a joke Stanton. I have 4xSTR8 150s, you were better in the past.

Author — L.D. Nicoll


can you use this with the numark ns7.???//

Author — bullet4011


stupid question.
is this, just midi so you assign it. or is like a midi kaoss pad?

Author — Gerardo Villarreal


yes, he has torq there, you can see it. but yes, i have it as well

Author — Sanjay Chadha


i have one i wanna sell it dont really like it.i just got the hercules mk2 to use instead

Author — Tường Vlog Vẽ Tranh


@esperasoesperas123 this is like a digital turn table, the kaoss pad its for effects..

Author — sebaferrari01


Interesting hidden message- "tonight take drugs" - what track is this?

Author — Shunyo Finberg


somebody konws the title of this song?? it' s very familiar but i don't remember...

Author — Remmy dee


Anyone bad mouthing another Dj is quite useless themselves. . . .

This is simply an advancement of the art. . .I spin hip-hop, but I use a Korg NANOpad for my cues. Even Dj Jazzy Jeff now uses Ableton with his sets. . . .and he's a devoute Serato user!

guys, stop putting down the art! It's you elitist/purists who talk down others that have kept the DJ's behind the booths and not in front of it!

Author — Bigz568


it sell with traktor LE
watch stanton website

Author — naturalyshocked


Wit us that tune your playing at the end??? Drugs, everyday, , sounds like George bush.... Ace, ,

Author — Mrtbuzzed C