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Drugstore must haves and must nots! I've been testing out some newer stuff from Milani's Glow line, Jason Wu's makeup line as well as Believe beauty's skincare line (at Dollar General); anything here worth trying? I'll let ya know! Oh, and just so you're aware, a good portion of the products shown in today's video were sent as PR, but that doesn't automatically generate a positive review from yours truly (I gotta say that for our new friends who may not know :)
P.S. There will be a SECOND video posting today reviewing some new eyeshadow palettes (gasp!) so look for that shortly! ;)
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- Wet 'N Wild Saved by the Bell Setting Spray
- Believe Hydrating Gel Cream
- Believe Beauty Face Toning Mist
- Believe Beauty Exfoliating Pads
- Believe Beauty Hydrating Face Mask
- Believe Beauty Jade Roller
- Bare Minerals Ageless Lipbalm
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What Am I Wearing?
Eyes: See the other video publishing today!
Lips: Covergirl 'Ascension' lipgloss

Great daily prayer for all of us, I love this :)
❤️ Hide thy face from my sins. And blot out all mine inequities. Create in me a clean heart, O God; And renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; And take not thy Holy Spirit from me. ❤️
- Psalm 51:9-11

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I like these short but informative reviews. And may I say, I love the look today!

Author — Donna McManus


Zabrena !! always the most sweetest person!! ALWAYS Keeps it 💯!!! 😌 I love her personality!!! She’s silly, sweet and loveable !! 🥰🥰🥰❤️✨

Author — Mariella Zavala


Your hair is absolutely stunning! I’m a huge fan of Believe Beauty especially their foundation and lipliner.

Author — Dani Anderson


Awww love you just the way you are Zabreena. You are such a blessing and so needed in the beauty community.

Author — Lori Is Awesome


Hi Zabrena, I just love how natural and down to earth you are. 😊 Don’t ever change, leave those bloopers in girlfriend! 😉🙌🏻

Author — Genevieve Doyon


Absolutely love the color and curls. It softens your face and really makes you look younger. Absolutely beautiful!

Author — QueenB


Zabrena your hair looks beautiful! I've been dyeing my hair for 35 years and I can tell you that mishaps happen sometimes. I've had a few that I can only look back on and laugh now. At least your hair still looks great! Currently mixing Age Beautiful for my own unique shade from Sally's.

Author — Adria Rahtz


Yay, I've been wanting to try the jade roller for its intended purpose. If you follow the roller tutorials it's supposed to help clear out the sinuses

Author — SD Bolen


Your hair looked gorgeous either color! I can’t wait to try the believe beauty products. I have been pleasantly surprised with everything I have tried so far. 🥰

Author — Catherine Kasiewicz


Love today's look! I would love to be able to wear the copper hair color! I really do appreciate all you do for your viewers! Be blessed throughout this weekend! Sending you a big hug!

Author — Julie Ligon


Thanks Zabrena! If you're liking the Jason Wu for your brows, I wanted to suggest the Nyx brow gel! It is a cream consistency (squeeze tube) and seems to apply the same and may be a savings. I've truly been loving it. That, along with the Nyx Brow Glue! Have a great day and LOVE the hair color!

Author — JennDBeauty


The Believe Beauty hydrating gel also has peptides in it, and with my mature skin it is amazing. But, it does have a very strong fragrance, kind of like an "older lady" scent. My husband could still smell it on me an hour after applying it. But it's not bad enough for me to stop using it!

Author — Patti 1962


Hi Z, loving this hair color on you. Looks totally believable and beautiful! Just like you! 💜

Author — Mint


Whoa! I absolutely love this hair color! You can wear it. Many can’t (although they try 😉) And I look forward to your video on Bare Minerals’ newest eye shadow palettes. It’s one of my favorite brands of all time, and I’ve been eyeing their new colors.

Author — Karen S.


I just started using Believe Beauty's Skin Finish foundation over the past week and I love it! The foundation rivals Tarte's Foundcealer (the best one I've used previously) and I'm going to continue using it. I'll look at their skincare line. Thanks!

Author — Jennifer Bucher


Your hair looks GORGEOUS ❤I really like the Believe makeup and I'm waiting for the skincare line at my local Dollar General!

Author — Jennifer Orlando Ludwig


Thank you so much for talking about the Believe Beauty skin care! You are the only person I've seen talk about this. I've been wanting to try the line but was waiting for a good honest review before i purchased. Thanks again!!!

Author — Shonda Breier


Sabrina, you really have the most beautiful eyes and that purple shadow looks gorgeous! Also, I love the prayer you have put in the description box! 💕

Author — Merlin's Mama


You look gorgeous!! 💕💕 Also love the bloopers!! Heheh!! Thanks for not starting over 😊😊 I think it’s cute and real to leave them in. We’re all human! Love your videos 🥰

Author — Theresa Lott


Love your hair color! A mistake turned out to be Gorgeous! And Loving your curls too. I'm a Senior Blonde - get my hair highlighted and LOVE Purple Eyeshadow. So you are wearing everything that I love. You're such a Blessing. :-)

Author — Margie