Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis sniper gameplay

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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis sniper gameplay 4.5
Trying to take down 2 armored infantry squads I placed in editor mode. Didn`t work, but this is the best soldier simulator so far. Dragon rising is closer to quake then this.

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one of the best strategic fps i ever played, and there was so much you could do, and the vehicle physics was far ahead of its time!

Author — Nabo00o


?:) it is like 15 years old my frend and it still has more possibilities than today's COD kido :)

Author — d ch


Bravo Dimitrij Lukin, american agresor is dead!

Author — kolodojpes


Jesus, this game was so epic even back in 2005 when I first played it.
I need to reinstall it. Seriously. I tried to play Dragon Rising a few days ago, but it simply ain't the same thing. It doesn't even feel right. Plus, it doesn't even have a goddamn editor.

Long live OFP: Cold War Crisis.

Author — Loc


i have this game on original xbox and i love it :D

Author — tehnoforever678


I love this game, can't found a way to buy or download it, my bad.. o.O Loved map making and that LEGO-like graphics.. :D

Author — Roxterat


Le port! Many fun missions made involving that town.

Author — Fudgemunk


That’s still my favourite game. Installed this again few days ago. Looks a bit dodgy now but reminds me hours spent on it years ago 👍

Author — voyagerrsm


A classic game that, with the exception of graphics, can still stand shoulder to shoulder with modern games.



yep, they sure do. Gravity and wind is simulated.

Author — GZA036


Can i turn off the mouse floating zone?

Author — stoni


lol it was funny yet frustating for that tank to come and kill you. X)

Author — Mac Believe


This game simple but very- very nice map graphic wounderful view good game I like it

Author — jhon zach


best game ever, got somwere GOTY release (rebels, nato&russians) on my pc...

Author — TheKlostrobuster


It was very good game.... But look one thing, you have SVD in hands and shadow is from M16..

Author — Gruya Gruja


How in any way shape or form is this realistic?

Author — golliath978


this game has the best map/mission editor of them all,
OF2 or Arma series - not even F..ing close

Author — F r u


It update!nee call In steam Arma Cold War assault.

Author — Sub-Zero Gorbulin


Oh god that noise at 1:58... That takes me back.

Author — gingergingerginger1


do you think any game development company would allow these graphics for a 360 game?

Author — 1pwNz0mb13Z