Anupam Kher in Aap Ki Adalat 2016 (Full Episode)

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Anupam Kher in Aap Ki Adalat 2016 (Full Episode) 4.5
Watch Bollywood actor Anupam Kher grilled by India TV's Editor-in-chief Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat. He frankly speak on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and intolerance. He talks about his failures in personal life and professional life.
At Telegraph National Debate in his speech Anupam Kher lambasted at Barkha Dutt and the former Supreme Cout Justice Asok Ganguly for defending JNU students' president Kanhaiya Kumar for his anti-national slogans and calling Indian army rapist. Anupam also criticized Bollywood actors Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan for spreading fears in the country over intolerance. Anupam attacks Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi over intolerance issue and said that politics is being forced over him. As a Kashmiri Pandit Anupam Kher is raising the voice of Kashmiri Pandits.

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अनुपम जी आपके उत्तरों से हम बहुत प्रभावित हुए। आपने हमें आक्रोश का सही आशय समझाया। हमें गर्व है कि आप एक भारतीय हैं।
।।जय हिन्द।।

Author — Krishna Bajoriya


पहले अनुपम खेर मेरे प्रिय अभिनेताओं की सूचि में आते थे, यह देखने के पश्चात् वे मेरे आदर्श सहनागरिक की सूचि में भी आ गये। अनुपम खेर की जितनी भी प्रशंसा की जाये, वह कम होगी।

Author — অরুণাভ দাস


I would say Anupam is a real man. Honest talk.

Author — Zakir Sajib


What an amazing speaker!!! You go sir Anupam Kher!! #Respect

Author — Nidhi Bahuguna


like and dislike said it all..5k likes vs 400 dislikes...
india is with u anupam

Author — harshantrik


Say no to khangress ... Khangress mukat Bharat chahiye hame... Jai hind jai Bharat jai swabhiman

"राहुल ग़ांधी" ने "जेनयू" जा कर, "चाणक्य" की बात को, सही साबित कर दिया कि, "
विदेशी औरत"
से उत्पन्न "सँतान"
कभी भी, "
स्वदेश हित औऱ राष्ट्र प्रेम" का,

"अनुगामी" नहीं

Vande matram

jai hind jai Bharat jai swabhiman

Author — kKk Madddy Singh-0044


जस्टिस गांगुली ने जो छुरा देश की पीठ मे घोंपा उससे होने वाली पीडा की चित्कार ही अनुपम खेर की आवाज थी . और पीडा की आवाज मे कोई डिप्लोमेसी नहीँ होती है

Author — kamlesh mishra


I m feeling proud .. I m also a chamcha of my pm.. u r grt sir.

Author — Ekta Yadav


one of the dislike is from Rahul ghandi. U nailed it sir.

Author — Aayush Kothari


this guy is absolutely amazing. he has been in over 500 movies! 7 Years ago I married and Indian woman and soon was introduced to Billy wood movies. I soon noticed this actor. he could play serious roles as well as comedy. I could really see how talented he was and looked forward to seeing him again in other roles. I think Hollywood should honor him as being an outstanding person in motion pictures. I really like him alot. if you haven't seen him, please look for him and watch him. he is

Author — Michael Knapp


i don know about others but His speach in Kolkata was actually wat I feel a 100% about today's time...

comment your views

Author — yash shah


proud to be an to be a fan of Anupam Kher..Jai Hind

Author — Soumya Mondal


825 dislikes are from the congress & aap 😂😂

Author — It wasn’t Me


its truly inspiration. ..and his so so so so much hard worker ...i salute you sir..

Author — Mohsin Khan


what a adalat anupam ji hats off we youth are always with u

Author — krishnadas thaivalappil


Great men with great words are always good to watch... Great Interview . Must Watch. He is Intellectual person .

Author — Aniket


#Anupam kher hatts off to you sir and a lots of Respect to you.

Author — Amit Sharma


Very well said sir
we Indians are not with such Commis or Congiss
I would request Opposition parties to start improvising and stop supporting Anti Nationals other wise we'll reduce you from 44 to 4 Soon
N one advice to ppl who are against govt
it's fine to voice your opinion against govt or PM but atleast not against my our Country just coz you don't like PM
#INDIAfirsT #BharatMataKiJai

Author — Aakarsh Kabir


A True Hindusthani...very well said Sir..all true Indians are with you..A Man who have Guts to say what he feels ..Respect Sir..

Author — rushik gandhi


Anupam kher sir you are a legend that everybody should admire you, a true indian respect sir

Author — Sayan Banerjee