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Stephen gives his reaction to the shocking upset of Djokovic by Zverev after being down a set and a break! What are your thoughts?

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Was disappointed about Nole's loss, but my god, after that year so far, how can you seriously complain as a Nole fan. Looking forward to the US Open.

Author — MaitreMoebius81


The first set was a lot closer than the score line suggests… Sasha gave Djoker a lot of problems in atleast 2 of his service games….fun match to watch with the momentum swings - Djoker as always was so gracious at the net …

Author — Anandhi S


No real surprise - we saw a similar performance from Serena Williams at the US Open when she was going for the grand slam and won an easy first set, then stalled. There's a reason why only one person in human history has done the golden slam - the pressure that mounts up is incredible. Steffi Graf said after winning the grand slam that she was so mentally and emotionally exhausted because of the stress that she didn't have the energy to leave her hotel room.

Author — T H


Stephen I’m a long time Fed fan, but we have to admit when Fed loses 3 matches after having 2 match points each match 40-15 against Djokovic (U.S. Open 2010, U.S.Open 2011, Wimbledon 2019) it is a choke job (and it hurt to watch) and Djokovic’s loss was more of a momentum swing, with Zverev raising his level, in my opinion it was a very poor decision for Novak to play mixed doubles as it time away from his recovery between matches, very foolish decision in my view.

Author — azoleyehirooni11


He should have focused exclusively on singles. I think the mixed doubles distracted him and exhausted him more than necessary. Plus Zverev played lights out.

Author — Alex Tabet


Djokovic serve was not spot on like the previous matches. He looked exhausted and was missing a lot of his shots especially in the 2nd set. I’m sure he will bounce back. It will be tougher no doubt but he’s a champion and he knows how to deal with the pressure and will come back with a vengeance

Author — Marilyn Anderson


"Clutch absolutely savage beast mode" 🤣🤣🤣 that wording

But ya its always the endless debate after quality matches. Did the winner "take it" or did the winner "wait for it"

Author — Dunsdon Jone


Choke is painful, case can be made for that. We are so used to Djockovic being top in clutch. Absence of clutch from him could billed as choke, since clutch is his everyday normal.

Author — Resa McCartney


This was a one in a lifetime Match from Zverev. Doubt he will ever repeat that.

Author — Splaff Spliff


I am a Djokovic fan and I absolutely agree he choked so bad in this match. losing 10 out of 11 games. His serve that was a weapon all year let him down dramatically.

Author — Haajir Yabre


Finally after so many close matches Zverev finally grew a pair and ewung for the fences. This champion's confidence plus the knowledge now to have what it takes to beat anyone. That's the real win for Zverev! You can't buy that experience you have to play it. I think he just finally became tired of being pushed around in clutch points. Someone or something told him he could win. Love to understand that mental turning point more in depth.

Djokovic? Mentally and physically tired in his own words. The pressure, the anticipation of making history slipped away from his fingers but why? He's nothing if not patriotic for his country and of course the age old mystery, what makes qualified champions choke? Sports psychologists can't explain this so don't expect me too. I have a theory though. Firstly his patriotism lulled him into a crucial error off court. Which is being tireder than he realized he bit off more than he could chew by playing the doubles matches. He also cited a left shoulder injury that lost him the Bronze medal as well. How long had he nursed that left shoulder is my question. Strange injury likely pulled something with his two handed backhand but WHEN*, was it in the second set against Zeverev? Did Zeverev smell blood? 🤔 🤔 🤔

Author — Rich Ireland


You could literally see Novak fall apart, hard to not call it a choke. Zverev also flipped a switch and absolutely balled. I think both happened.

Author — Tim Peterson


Djokovic usually fights back 4th and 5th sets. As this only is 3 set matches, he could not.

Author — Piete Koo


I wouldnt consider it a choke ... would you call it one of the match had been reversed? The beginning of the third set was super tight and zverevs serve made the difference. It all happened very fast but you could tell that it was a new situation for djokovic in this week and he didnt know how to stop it... i would also say that zverev got kind of in the zone. The heat mattered

Author — ach nix


Woot woot gratuliert Sasha thanks for the upload video Steph keep it coming🤗❤️🇨🇭

Author — Lucille1031


So Djokovic goes home from the Olympics empty-handed! No Bronze medal! Congrats to PABLO CARRENO BUSTA on his Bronze medal at the Olympics!!!! So incredibly happy for him! (:

Author — Freeman Griffin


Great coverage. I thought Djokovic looked very tense and uncomfortable from the very very beginning of this 3 set match. Something was not right. Can't explain it. Nerves?

Author — Reed Gage


Every player faces the same conditions. Congrats young Zverev. Djoko will be back. He went down but won't be out until his career is over

Author — Carol Morris


The excitement in this guys eyes when Novak loses😂😂

I will tell you why Novak lost. Zverev played better and handled comditions better. Novak looked more tired in the heat than Sacha

Author — Move3Spaces


When Djo started losing mid 2nd set, Zverev stopped giving him that one extra point with a missed overhead/volley/wide ground stroke, and Djo was not hitting it as offensive (deep or as wide). The aggression slide must have been 70-30 for the 2nd half of match. Hopefully he bounces back at US open

Author — Jason Basri